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Will the court allow the father to take my son out of the country?

by magdalena / Posted 28/03/2009 / Updated 04/11/2009

I have residence, contact and prohibited steps order that prevents the father of my son to remove him from the UK without my written agreement or permission of the court. He has approached me recently to give permission to take my son to Turkey for holiday. I refused - my ex-husband has no links with the UK. His new wife is Turkish and they have a daughter together. Both their families are in Turkey. My ex has no economical links in the UK either - he does not own property or business. He has spent the last year claiming every benefit under the sun including legal aid, while at the same time refusing to pay the whooping £5 a week child support awarded by CSA. In short, there is nothing to keep him in the UK apart from my son. He has tried to get my son out of the country before and that is why I got the court order in place. He now says that I have to let my son go to keep links with his grandparents. But my son does not even know what his grandparents are called or where they live. He does not speak Turkish to communicate with them either. In the six years of our marriage he saw his grandfather twice and his grandmother once. To my son these people are strangers. And when asked, he says he does not want to go to Turkey at all. My ex never bothered to register our marriage or the birth in Turkish consulate, so legally he is not recognised as my son´s father in Turkey. He tole me that if I do not agree to let him take my son for holiday, he will go back to court to get the permission. I am frantic with worry because he threatened me so many times that I have no doubt that he will not return. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Has your ex-partner applied to court and been allowed to take the child out of the UK? Please give me any advice, as I need to get ready for the worst possibility.


From magdalena / Posted: 23/04/2009
Can you please suggest what would be the reasonable reasons for refusing consent to take my son for a holiday abroad? I have prohibited steps order in place but the father is threatening to go to court to get it overturned. Pleas ehelp, any advice will be welcome. Thank you
From julie / Posted: 04/11/2009
when u say that he tried to take him out of the country before did u mean he tried to abduct him ? if you have a prohibited steps order in place i wouldnt have thought he can take him out of the country . but if he tried to get it overturned then isnt there a written agreement that you can make him sign that if he didnt return him he could be arrested ime sure the solicitor can advise you on this matter , hope this helps but if your son doesnt want contact then surely they cant force him ? i wish you luck .

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