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where is the justice ?

by Awatif / Posted 04/04/2009 / Updated 23/06/2010

After a long discussions on the phone with the father he told me he wants to return to the UK but he asked me to arrange everything with the police, I offered to help in anyway I can my concern was to have my son returned and not the father been arrested, Not knowing that the problem was created by the police and the incomptence of the court, in the first place the father was given the passport in September to leave the UK to get my son from syria, how dear the court do that without asking me first if I did agree or not for him to do it? how stupid were they, did they really think that I will not find out.
well the father is returning to the UK, but I don´t know when, as far as I know he could be already in the country, as he just asked me to stop contact with him and my son!!! how good r our british authorities, where is this support that I keep hearing about from organisations available in the UK to help parents in distress and advice?I thought the law protect the victims, not the criminals. well I just have to wait and see if really there is any justice in this world. time will tell, I am a very patient mother.


From Anthea / Posted: 14/05/2009
God bless you in this yoyo journey...
From Awatif / Posted: 23/06/2010
I am still searching for justice, I realised that I am in no win situation, my son is already a victim and if i do anything I will be the second victim in a country I don´t know. so I am still keeping strong, keep talking with the father and hoping for a miracle.
in islam there are a lots of things mentioned in the Quran about mothers. I always knew this quote "Paradise Is at the Feet of Mothers" but Now I understand what it means and why? Alhamdoulellah

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