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This forum offers parents the opportunity to voice their own experiences of international parental child abduction, and related issues, and to share useful information with others in a similar situation.

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by Janet L. Greer / Posted 13/04/2009 / Updated 16/04/2009

Hi Everyone, I have a huge favor to ask....and hope you can help me help my cousin, Janet Greer.Twelve years ago, while living in Honolulu, her 3 year old daughter, Sarah "Dowsha", was abducted and taken to Egypt by Janetīs ex boyfriend. For the past 12 years, Janet has done EVERYTHING legally possible to get her daughter back - or to even see her, and to no avail. Even being the first Christian woman in Egyptian history to be granted custody, hasnīt helped. Janet has dedicated her life to become an advocate for other parents of children who have been abducted and taken to foreign countries, and have had to deal with emotional stress of losing a child, staggering financial expenses, and the seemingly endless amount of leg-work that needs to be done by the left-behind parent. The obstacles encountered have not stopped or deterred Janet from trying to get her daughter back or in assisting other parents. On the contrary, Janet will continue to share all she has learned from the past 12 years and do whatever she can to help the kidnapped children of the United States be brought home and reunited with their left-behind parent, grandparents and other family members. The website link below has a petition created by Janet to President Obama, and like all petitions to effective and be considered, she needs as many names as possible. Would you please consider adding your name to the petition...I would appreciate it ...and I know my cousin will too. If you have any trouble getting to this website - please email me back and I will try to help.(If the link doesnīt open by clicking on it - try doing a "cut & paste" - and then click ON THE WORDS - "SIGN PETITION".When the petition screen comes up, scroll to the bottom where it says, "LEAVE REPLY" and follow instructions. I put my legal name and state, as that should be enough for validation. Thanks so much for your time in reading this...and please feel free to pass this email on to people in your address book....the more the better.Nancy This second link, The Charley Project, has information about the adduction, as well as pictures of Sarah at the age she was taken, and what she should look like now.

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