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The law in Dubai and Saudi Arabia

by Khalid / Posted 18/04/2009 / Updated 07/10/2009

My ex wife wants to take the kids to Dubai or to Saudi Arabia in the summer holidays, I know she will not come back. My solicitor tells me that the Judge will let her take the kids on a holiday because she has relatives in both countries. My ex wife is not a national of Dubai or Saudi Arabia, she is originally from Palestine and now she is a British citizen. My question is how the Dubai or Saudi authorities will consider her right of custody. In other words if I went to these countries asking for my children to come back to UK , what would be the Judge decision?


From bren / Posted: 24/06/2009
if ur muslim then i think u would have a good chance if she is muslim and ur not then u may have a problem. as seen recently in the case of marnie pearce the judge will go with the muslim partner whether or not they are uae national. i lived in dubai 12 yrs married to a muslim and have 3 kids i returned to uk with them and dare not take them back to dubai as i know what would happen lucky they are all older now 16,15,12 but its not a risk i will take till they are all 18. best wishes Bren
From E Jones / Posted: 05/07/2009
Hi there

Its just advice from a personal point of view, Im not sure if its what you require but I will give you my advice.

I recently asked for Leave to remove my son to Kuwait, I am taking up work there and I was successful because I could show that I had prepared and that things would be better for him rather than if my son wasnt allowed to go. ETC.

I am now back in court and my ex is asking for a Mirror Order. It might be worth your while pushing for this and you may well be successful given that you believe she will not bring the children back. A Mirror order is an order that has to be recognised in those countries. I am not exactly sure how it works but I am sure your solicitor will tell you.

Good Luck, I hope I have helped you?
From Khalid / Posted: 07/10/2009
Thank you Bren and thank you E Jones, surely the mirror order idea was great and the Judge didn´t grant her permission to leave the jurisdiction and asked for more advise form an expert in law. Thanks again

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