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This forum offers parents the opportunity to voice their own experiences of international parental child abduction, and related issues, and to share useful information with others in a similar situation.

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i abducted the child because of the domestic abuse

by marti / Posted 25/04/2009 / Updated 06/01/2011

i took my daughter from my ex partner, his parents were forcing me to marry him when i said no.. he attacted me, had to call the police, i took my 2 months daugher to poland.. under hague convention he wants my baby BACK! he has no right to stay in the UK, my daugher is Polish not British, he is accused of using 2 false passports!! can be deported and can go to prison anytime??? but the lawyers in poland.. im not happy, in Scotland is ok but here.. they do not deal often with this kind of stuff.. is anyone can tell me what can happen? is it possible that my baby will be returned to him???


From Sharon / Posted: 24/12/2010
I need more info:

What nationality is the father? Did you remove the child from Scotland and are you in Poland now? How do you know he wants the child back, has he filed papers or is this what he is telling you?

If you left the UK with a child then you are wasting your money paying for a Polish lawyer and you should contact one in the UK.

Please leave more information but donīt worry it is highly unlikely that a 2 month old baby will be removed from itīs mother, presuming he has nothing major to use against you where he could state the child is at risk. Worst case scenario is that you may have to return to the UK with the child and go through the court system there where you would be able to request permission to remove the child to Poland.

Good luck and Iīm pleased you found this site because I didnīt find it until it was too late for me and youīll be able to get a lot of help and info.
From Raphael / Posted: 06/01/2011
I too have a similiar situation. Please may I discuss this with someone and ask for your advice?

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