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Austrian justice

by Vivienne / Posted 01/06/2009 / Updated 10/06/2009

I am British, my husband is German and our children have dual nationality. We moved to Vienna for my husband´s job 18 months ago. Last November I found out he was having an affair and I filed for divorce. Things obviously did not move fast enough for my husband though. Five weeks ago he went to the judge for our case and invented a story about me. Two days later I was awoken by the police with restraining order against me. I was thrown out on the street with my handbag and the clothes on my back. Under the restraining order I was not allowed to return to the house or contact my children at all even by sms. Without my friends I would have been under the bridge! I even lost my job as I was a teacher in the same school as my kids. I have not seen them for five weeks. Social Services want the kids returned to me but the judge refuses. My lawyer has never seen such a case. I have done nothing wrong. It seems that here it is alright for a man to have an affair but not for his wife to complain.


From peter / Posted: 10/06/2009
hi viviennne,
afraid the same thing happened to me, the unbelievable thing is my wife had abandoned my son, he was living with me for 4 months while she was living in bulgaria with her boyfriend, when they ran out of money she came back and denounced me, saying i threatened her, i was also arrested and thrown out my house, even took my car, while in bulgaria she has managed to transfer ownership of 2 properties we own there, and the courts here will give her my house here, she has left me with absolutley nothing, and i went to court yesterday, my lawyer wanted sycological report done on her and me, and my son, so we could see the truth the judge refused, as they did not want to suspend the case.
it looks like she has planned it all along, she was from a poor bulgarian family, and now she has robbed me of everything, and the law is doing nothing about it.

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