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my turkish boyfriend and our son!

by keeley / Posted 10/06/2009 / Updated 08/12/2009

please help! i need some advice.My turkish boyfriend keeps threating to take our son to turkey. If we was ever to split up!! Things are not going very well between us,if i was to split with him could he take our son? He is over here on a tourist visa till aug. I am spose to be going with my son in september. My son comes i cut all ties from my partner when he goes back in aug. I cant lose my son.Im only 21 im in way over my son wasnt planned and we are both on his birth certificate. pls some one help. i dont know wht to do.


From Norma Withers / Posted: 02/07/2009
Keeley, Sorry I havenīt replied to you sooner. I always feel bad when someone doesnīt get a response on the forum. Your babyīs father has certain rights - parental responsibility - because he is on the birth certificate. But if he doesnīt have a visa to stay here, it would be difficult for him to exercise those rights. The baby is pretty safe at the moment - heīs with you in the UK and the UK is his place of residence, so he canīt be īreturnedī to Turkey under the Hague Convention. If you go to Turkey in September, he wonīt be safe - the courts might give his father custody, or his father might just refuse to give him back to you. How much Turkish do you speak? How many Turkish lawyers do you know? How much money do you have? It sounds cruel to put it like that, but it seems that your relationship with this man is not going well and he is threatening you. You must plan for the worst. Donīt go to Turkey - thatīs my gut instinct. As you say, your son comes first. Good luck.
From jeanie / Posted: 19/08/2009
please listen to the advise given by norma. my daughter has a son, his father lives in turkey and keep asking her to go there, my daughter is young like yourself but knows that if she takes her son there she is of great risk of losing her boyfriend can get turkish nationality for you son as he is on the birth certificate and once in turkey yoour son will then come under turkish law.
From karen / Posted: 08/09/2009
Whatever you do - do not take or worse still let your partner take your son to Turkey. I have just got my daughter back from New Zealand and that is meant to be one of the better countries to deal with - I lived in Turkey for a year and would say that the way there legal system works - I would not even entertain it. Save yourself a lot of pain and heartache. As Jeanie just said once your son is in Turkey he is under Turkish law which rightly or wrongly makes this very very difficult for you.
From julie / Posted: 08/12/2009
keep your son with you at all times,if your child is at school tell the school your concerns and that no one can pick him up other than you . seek legal advice and take out a prohibited steps order follow your gut instinct and dont trust this man good luck and i wish u well .

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