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help us

by izzy / Posted 17/06/2009 / Updated 21/01/2010

i am hoping someone can help me, my daughters dad has a court order to see her, she doesn´t want to see him. The courts will not help or cafcass they say basically cos he has not physically hurt her then i have to let her go and if i dont i could go to jail, she is 9 years old and she gets her say to cafcass but i am told because she is only 9, her opinion isnt really taken into account i am seriously considering leaving the country with her to keep them away from her i am so scared for her she is a messed up little girl


From Norma W / Posted: 02/07/2009
Izzy, I´m so sorry for you and your daughter. I don´t know all your circumstances, but leaving the country is a very big undertaking. Are your family overseas? Or will you be going to a country you don´t know? I brought my daughters back to the UK many years ago, because I was sure it was the right thing to do. But it´s not easy, and it can go wrong. Please speak to someone at Reunite and think through your options very carefully. What would be the effect on your daughter if you went overseas? And if you had to come back? Good luck.
From peter / Posted: 03/08/2009
It is natural that a nine year old child would be happy to see dad, unless of course you have stopped him seeing her for months or years on end and act hurt so that she finds it hard to explore her relationship with her own father
From kevin / Posted: 29/10/2009
I totally agree with Peter it so easy to influence a child have you thought of the long term affects this will have on her life knowing she has no father ?
From lisa / Posted: 13/01/2010
peter and kevin Have you ever think of her doter being emotionally abused or if she saw her mother being abused what will be long term affects if she is forced to see her dad?
From Phil; / Posted: 21/01/2010
Hi Izzy.
I recently had to go to Spain to see my own 10 year old daughter .
I had not seen her for more that two years.
This was due to her mother and she continues (the mother ) to cause many parental alienatiopn problems.
My daughter who said did not want to see me,took one look at me at the social services building in the absence of her mother and ran straight to me crying ´Daddy I love you´it was wonderful and very emotional ,however there is no gaurantee this will happen again because of the evil of her mother,whereas I know that I am a good ´father´
What I will say is Do not deprive your daughter of her father you will not gain in the long run.

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