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abduction threat via Hague signatory country to non Hague signatory country

by dianne / Posted 08/07/2009 / Updated 22/07/2009

Hi,my estranged husband who is a Jordanian national wishes to take our 3 children on a holiday to visit family in Jordan and has applied to court as I have refused permission. I know I may have a case against him taking the children to Jordan as it has not signed the Hague convention however I fear that he may then ask to take them to visit his brother in Italy. If granted permission for this holiday he can obviously take a plane from there to Jordan with the kids. Has anyone had experience of this happening or know of any such cases? My solicitor thinks we have a case against the trip to Jordan but not against any other Hague signatory country. I have no evidence about the risk of abduction but I know that my ex hates living here,misses his family and country and has often said he wishes the children to spend some years of their lives in Jordan to learn Arabic and ´their culture´. Not to mention that as a non- radical and open-minded person, he feels I am a threat to the children growing up with his brand of religion. But I doubt that this is enough to convince a judge to bar him from having European Hols with the children...
I´d be grateful for any advice or experience you may be able to offer.


From Diane / Posted: 22/07/2009
You need a very good lawyer and a family court judge who understands the very real risk of parental child abduction when dealing with divorced couples from international/binational marriages. Do some good searches on the internet. Here is one although it pertains to Texas: Your concerns seem very valid. I think you do have evidence that your ex poses a real threat for abducting the children for all of the reasons you stated. Good Luck.

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