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Very nervous for son... going through divorce with his egyptian father

by Laura / Posted 16/07/2009 / Updated 10/08/2009

I married in Egypt atfer living there and having a two and a half yr relationship with my ex. That was in 2004. We had a son in 2006 and seperated when he was 5 weeks old. Haven´t had contact with him since November 2007. Finally have enough money saved to pay for divorce. He was served papers last week.

I am very nervous about his ´parental responsibility´ in the UK. Religion was a major issue when he left. I refused to bring our son up muslim and have him circumcised as I was going to be bringing him up on my own and I am Catholic. My ex was emotionally abusive and very manipulative. He has lots of contacts in Egypt and could easily obtain documentation to take him to Cairo. I want to protect my son but my lawyer does not see grounds for a ´serious threat´ legally. I want to change his name from his fathers (obviously islamic) to my own name as he will be going to a Catholic school and has no affiliation to his father or his family. I can´t do this without his permission under UK law.

How do I protect my son and ensure his wellbeing.

Any advice welcome.


From Diane / Posted: 22/07/2009
First, get a better lawyer. You are right. Follow your instincts. Lawyers and judges need to be more well-informed of the danger of parental abduction during divorces of couples that are binational.
From Gerri / Posted: 10/08/2009
This sounds so like my situation. My son´s father is Middle Eastern, muslim - although not practisinc. He is very manipulative and abusive also.
We´ve been going thru corts for years (honestly - and I´m paying!!) to sort out contact. Courts very dismissive of threat of abduction. Due to serious concerns re the fathers behaviour towards child, and me, he only has supervised contact. Hopefully it´ll stay like that. you ned to focus on and highlight his behaviour to to child, the things he says to the child, things said and done to you in front of child. Focus on that. His controlling behaviour is a risk also. You need a good solicitor, and hope for a good social worker. make notes of what he has done, and keep notes from now on. keep all relevant texts, emails and notes of telepone calls (eg harrassing no calls etc). Pray to God, keep yourself right and you´ll be Ok - but you´re in it for the long haul like myself.

Good luck.

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