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my daughter needs help to survive

by janine / Posted 19/07/2009 / Updated 06/02/2010

my daughter and grandson was forced to go back to cyprus, undertakings were agreed in the london courts but as soon as she returned the baby,s father refuse to abide by them she has no money, can´t find a job and has no help regarding chidcare when she gets a job. the baby´s father has stolen what little money she had and she can´t get a court date any sooner than september 15. I have no more money left to send to her as because of this situation i have used my overdraft up to £2000. dose anyone know of a charity that may be able to help her untill she can get to court? the welfare won´t help and she is currently homeless and has to rely on a friend to put her and ther baby up temporarily. I desperatly need some advice


From lisa / Posted: 13/01/2010
my hart gos out to you, can you tell more about it? why did she go to cyprus&
From Phil / Posted: 21/01/2010
Hi ,
Sorry to hear about your plight.
I know what it is like to suffer at the hands of authorities who seem not to care at all about the forigner.
My ex is Spanish and the whole divorce and child alienation which is continuing is trajic and horrendous.
My advise is to tell your daughter to appraoch any charity but for sure the Red Cross will be available in Cyprus.
They can not do miracles but they will help in some way if they can.
From Michelle Fielding / Posted: 30/01/2010
I was in exactly this situation in 2004 - til 2006. I was returned not once with my then 5 year old daughter, but twice to spain. I had an order from a spanish judge to return with my daughter to the Uk but the UK courts of appeal rejected it. May I suggest that you contact Max Clifford and his PR associates in London. I spoke to him in December 2005 - he has media contacts. Also, contact the press - they may print your story - for which you will be paid. It sickens me that this vendetta against mothers returning to their home countries is still continuing. I managed to get free of the hague in May 2006. I got through it all my the generosity of the british expats in spain - who gave us money, shelter, part-time work and support. You can also try the consulate and the Embassy. Mostly they do not have money to give in these situations but they can help to get legal assistance for your daughter. I prayed every day to the angels. It works! They kept us safe and we eventually got free.

My thoughts are with you and your daughter and grandson.

Take care

May God and the Angels bless you soon with some good news.

From Lisa / Posted: 06/02/2010
How is your daughter doing? Ive just posted about my friend and her daughter in Cyrpus and how she wants to come back to the UK. She has tried to get help from the welfare but anything like that takes ages in Cyrpus its all so slow.

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