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Abuse of free legal aid .

by Phil / Posted 06/10/2009 / Updated 13/10/2009

Can anyone advise me or suggest anything here.
The situation is briefly this;-
I was married to a Spanish woman.
We lived in UK with our young daughter.
My wife returned to Spain with our daughter.
We are now divorced however,I simply am unable to pay the amount of maintenance which the Spanish court says I have to pay for my daughter.
In addition despite having a prenuptual agreement I am expected to pay my ex wife for a period of one year also.
She has not let me see our daughter for more than two years.
However I have just received a telephone call via Spanish social services saying that I must come to Spain soon to have a meeting at the family centre;excellent news.
However this is then tainted by receiving an email saying that she is going to go back to court for the maintenance money outstanding.
even though I have explained that I am not able to pay she has said that I should have thought about this before and that I should use my savings.
In addition to make matters worse she has said that it is not any problem for her to go to court as she will not have any legal bill?
I don´t know if she means that I will have to pay it or if she means she will be on legal aid??

Please feel free to comment and offer suggestions on how to deal with such a person.


From nick / Posted: 13/10/2009
I think you need to take things step by step. Regardless of what the phone call and email from Spain said I would advise you not to travel out there until you have first sought some professional advice from a UK lawyer who specialises in International Law. Once out there if the courts make any orders against you it may well end up with you having some difficulties in returning back to this country. I would send a letter to the courts acknowledging their correspondence and stating that you seek an adjournment whilst you seek legal advice. You also say nothing about whether you consider that your wife has abducted the child and, if so, what are you doing about it. Good luck

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