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Advice or Help about Turkish Fathers

by Helena / Posted 02/11/2009 / Updated 03/12/2009

I have a 3 year old daughter born in 2006. Her father is Turkish. My daughter was born in England and her fathers name is not on her birth certificate. She has my maiden name. I married her father in Turkey on 25th August 2007 and we seperated September 2008 where my daughter and I moved back to England. I am still married to him, but am, filing for divorse. My questions are confused ones really. Firstly, if her father obtains a visa to enter the UK what are his chances of getting her out of the country. Also as he is not on the birth certificate does he have any legal rights towards her as a father? Can I do something to provent him even entering the UK? Thank you for any help or comments or actions I can take.


From julie brett / Posted: 02/11/2009
my ex husdband is turkish too i dont know all the answers to your questions but i do know you can contact either the turkish consulate and request that he cannot apply for a turkish passport for your daughter without your consent . i know this as i too have put a stop from my ex applying in turkey without my consent and i obtained this through my solicitor. we have one son between us , my ex has returned to turkey to live . from what your saying i would apply for an english passport for your daughter that way he cant apply for an english one for her because i have been advised to do the same,my son was also born here too. but we were married here thats the differance. i dont know where the law stands if u were married over there i strongly advise you to seek legal advise regarding the rest but if he is not on the birth certificate i think the cards are in your hands not hundred percent sure so check it out to be sure . i wish you all the best please keep in touch and let me know how you get on all the best julie of coventry
From Helena / Posted: 04/11/2009
Hi, thanks for your comments. My daughter already has an english passport as we have come back from Turkey to England several times. Also, she was born in England and we had to apply for a visa when she was 3 months old to return to turkey. I have found a solicitor on here in Sheffield so I will contact them asap. Once again thank you
From Mandy J Mannion / Posted: 03/12/2009
Hi Julie,
Lovely to meet you in Leicester earlier today, Joanne has asked me to tell you to call her regarding the question you left with me, hope that makes sense!! Please email me.
Speak soon,
Mandy xx

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