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The Law in Bahrain

by Emma / Posted 09/11/2009 / Updated 09/02/2010

Do you know the law in Bahrain?
My ex has taken my 1 yr old daughter to Bahrain 2 weeks ago. we are both English, however as we were living in Scotland this is not classed as a criminal act so the police have closed the case. Yet I still donīt know where my daughter is in Bahrain. To make matters worse, we were going through a custody battle during the time he took her - yet it was easy for him to take my daughter to another country with out question. Yet if this was a stranger who took her then the police would act and find her- but because itīs her father, it does not matter, yet Iīm in the same situation as I donīt have my daughter or know her whereabouts!!
I donīt know what to do as every angle I take seems to lead to a dead end. Please advise!!!!!


From Ali / Posted: 22/11/2009
Hello is your Daughter back? I noticed nobody has come back with an answer for you, can you phone the Hague convention line direct and express your fears relating to this and see if there is something they can suggest. How about the British consulate?
From Emma / Posted: 10/12/2009
My daughter is still in Bahrain!
I´ve tried all angles of the legal system, which may I point out is useless in Scotland. I can´t find a lawyer, the police don´t want to know, the courts in Scotland can´t really do much other than order him to explain himself in 3 months time - they made no order for him to bring my daughter back to uk. I feel completely let down by the legal system.
Don´t know which way to turn - I need a miracle.
From katrina / Posted: 08/02/2010
Emma you can get a passport for your daughter without your husbands permission. Next get a job in bahrain! And look for your daughter. Is your husband muslim? If not you will have a better chance of getting her out of there. If he is it will be more difficult. Contact the embassy out there and see what they can do to help you.

From Nick Johnston / Posted: 09/02/2010
Very sorry to hear your story but there must be other issues not mentioned in your original email. In general the police and other authorities in Scotland are very good but, like England and Wales there are times when parents do come across some difficulties. I am sure that your difficulties can be overcome fairly quickly including finding a lawyer who can assist.

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