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Taking British born children back to the UK

by Deborah Jaqson / Posted 19/11/2009 / Updated 25/11/2009

Hello, I and my children are born-bred british citizens and have recently arrived in Senegal, then moved onto Cameroon, Africa so that my husband could establish a business. I have always travelled alone with our three children (ages, 15,11 and 9) with no problems. My husband decided to place our children in boarding schools in Cameroon and the children and i are extremely unhappy. I have told him that i want to return to the Uk with the children and at first he agreed. We have had several other arguments whenever i bring up the fact that the children and i are unhappy and want to go home. It has come to a point where he´s made statements such as ´I can never allow the children to go back to England´, which has scared me. When left Senegal in September on a visitors visa to come to cameroon and have no residency or plans to become residents here. My daughter who is 11 years old, suffers with a skin condition and has been out of school practically every week, since being here. She has never spent a full 4 weeks in the boarding school. I am terribly concerned for my children´s health and wellbeing, as they are not used to the harshness of a boarding school and certainly unaccustomed to the culture and ways things are done here. I am 7 months pregnant and will be returning to the Uk next month before my baby is born. I want to take my children home with me, but i know my husband will continue to be stubborn and argumentative about it. I am afraid that if i continuouisly let him know that we all want to go home, he will do what he can to prevent the children from returning. Cameroon is a very corrupted country and he would not hesitate to pay someone to stop me. My question is this, as i have travelled from Senegal to Cameroon, to the UK alone with no questions asked about consent from the father, i want to know if i took the children the same way as per normal would i be breaking any laws. We are still together in a relationship, but i´m just extremely unhappy, isolated and lonely without my children. They are also unhappy especially my 9 year old son and 11 year old daughter who needs to be at home (in day school) so that she can be cared for. Please help with any advice you may have. Thank you.

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