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On ging nightmare Albania vs Uk

by L / Posted 13/01/2010 / Updated 22/03/2010

I am still in my nightmare. My husband from Albania becoming increasingly abusive to me and now my SON (2.5 YEARS OLD) I am desperate to leave him after enduring 4 years of violence emotional abuse and financial control. I am so confused by all of the information out there. If I leave he will pursue me and try to control me thou courts. I am terrified that I will not be offered refuge of housing and he will get unsupervised visits and will take him to Albania. Divorce aid told me they can stop him but I do not believe they can as he has easy access to fake documents.
I am terrified every day as he comes from work I have to pretend that I am fine.
Please tell me where to go what to do.
How do I prove all of that in court?
I do not want him to have contact with his son. How do I achieve that?
If I take my son to Russia what I need to do?


From Lord Protector / Posted: 22/03/2010
Hello L,

Im really sorry to hear the trouble you are in. No one should have to endure this.
I understand your fears but I cannot offer any real legal advice as Im not qualified.
First can I ask are you in the UK? It was not clear where you are from your post. If you are in the UK, then please talk to reunite ASAP. They are VERY GOOD and have lots of information that will help you. You should also be able to go to a Citizens Advice Beureau for more information. As a mum, you would qualify for legal aid and the law in this country is currently geared to work in your favour and far less in favour of your husband.
Check all the avenues that you can and if you must leave your home, lay your plans well and ask the police for help if you must.
Whatever you do, stay within the limits of the law of this country. You have many advantages so use them as best you can. Always remember that your son is a very young child and needs all your help but also your sanity. So also try to look after yourself too.
Sorry I cant say much more but I wish you all the best.

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