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what should i do is it too late now? ex took daughter to italy

by mrsm / Posted 25/01/2010 / Updated 04/03/2010

hi i dont no wether this is the right place to post and its going to be long but i need some advice for my husband.
basically about 7 years ago he and his ex wife split up they had a child already that is now 13... he had access which was eventually made through a contact centre he paid maintainace through a private arrangment.. the mother asked him to double the amount he paid he couldnt so she went through csa and they ordered him to pay a much smaller amount so she stopped access...

inbetween this she met an italian man and asked my husband is she could take the daughter to italy to live he said no..
they were going through a divorce and sale of house through solicitors at the time and the solicitor got a court order saying that she could not take the daughter to live in italy without the farthers permission..
she went to italy on a holiday with the daughter
when the sale of house went through theres was a sum of money which was to be split between them she agreed that he could see there daughter around this time which he did and then after she got the money she went back to italy and he hasn´t been able to see her he had one address which they are longer living at but apart from that nothing...this was 2005...

In 2007 he took a letter for the daughter to the farther of his ex wifes address in the uk although he is obviously going to take his daughters side so he won´t pass anything on or tell him anything but his partner is sympathetic and gave him a mobile number for his ex wife he rang and spoke to her explaining how much his life had changed and that he didnt wish to force cause trouble just wanted to be able to talk to his daughter..
she said he could ring back and speak to her at an agreed time ever since the number has been dead..
so he has heard nothing since then until yesterday
when had an email from a friend of his saying they had found the daughter on facebook...
we had a look and it was her but he decided to do the right thing and looked through her freind list and the (step farther and mother) had a profile so he sent them a message asking if he could contact the daughter)
they sent quite a rude message back saying the daughter doesnt want anything to do with him and that he needs to grow up some more but if they are confident of that why did they feel the need to delete her facebook profile??
her cousin (our nephew) who she was very close to had added her on his and it was rejected.. we believe as it was straight after we sent the message they went on her facebook and delted it so she didnt no they had tried to contact her..

what would you do?


From Phil / Posted: 04/03/2010
Find out where abouts your daughter is then either contact social services or the Police tell them that you concerns over the childs welfare.
Your ex partner will not like it but I do not think you have any options.
Good look,it is not esay I speak with experience.

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