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Fighting for custody and the right to remove

by Sarah Hempstock / Posted 30/01/2010 / Updated 01/04/2011

Hi ladies, not been on here for a while, but thought I would drop some advice to all the women and men fighting custody in a country that is not there own. I thought a custody battle and the right to remove my child from a foriegn country and my advice to you all dont ever hope in bringing your children home.Always remain nice to social workers, psychologist and who ever else you need to be nice to and never run your ex partner down to any of the authorities, because it will be these people who make all the diffrence to you bringing your child home. I always insisted that the father of my daughter would always remain some one who is important in her life and even try if poible to keep on freindly terms if possible with your x, though I know this may be difficult.The authorities want to establish that if you leave the country with the child, will you bring the child back on visatation rights and that your are not against your x or the father or mother having rights to the child. I hope this helps helps, I know its not easy for any one fighting custody in a diffrent country, it was one of the darkest times in my life, but I never gave in once and woke up every day, doing some thing to bring me home a little bit quicker to my other children that I had to leave behind. Always remain nice even in your darkest moments and never give up hope.

Sarah....sorry if spelling all over place lap key board jumping all over place.


From jane / Posted: 28/02/2011
hi sarah, Im a little confused, at the beggining you say dont ever hope in bringing your children home and then at the end it seems like you suceeded? Im am in the usa trying to get back to the uk with my 4 year old, she is supposed to start school here in september and I want to apply to the courts that she move with me to the uk whilst this case is going on because I dont want her being settled in a u.s school to be something else against me. I dont have anything bad to say about my ex or any reasons that would give the courts doubt in his parenting skills, (wish I did as it might help) Im 23 and have no high school diploma or job or any support out here. I know to continue with a custody case I am going to have to be in the uk to fund it. Do you know what would go against me more. 1: leaving my child in usa in order to work and make money for case, or 2: staying in the usa and suffering with crappy jobs that mainly only pay for daycare?
From TJ / Posted: 01/04/2011
Sarah, how old was your child, what sex and how long were you seperated for? What country did this take place? I am going through the right to remove from Trinidad after four months of the father and the courts keeping two young children away from me both under 4 years old. I am doing everything I can, but its a bitter affair on him and his families part who see the children as their property. Any advice would be gratefully received.

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