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algerian passport

by kim / Posted 24/02/2010 / Updated 17/02/2018

hi, can anyone advise me please?
I am british and my husband is Algerian born but lives in london with me and our 2 young children, we have been arguing latly and im scared that one day he will try to take our children to his country to live.
They havent got any passports at the moment but he would like to get them algerian ones, i would like them to get british ones, i would like to know in either case what my rights would be and if there is anything i can do to protect my children being taking?
many thanks
worried mum for 2 beautiful children


From farida / Posted: 29/05/2010
my algerian husband took our kids away on the 8th of may 2010. he swore he would not do it. i had a court order, residence and passport of my kids. he was allowed to have them only 4 ours on saturdays. he managed to take them out of the country in such little time. i am saying to you be carefull. not all algerians are bad but i would not trust one of them. my husband tried to keep the kids in algeria last year as well, we came back to london and i went to court to stop him to do that again. he lied and scammed and now i donīt know where my kids are. 3 weeks without a word from them. be carefull please.
From Awatif / Posted: 20/06/2010
How does the children travell if they don´t have a passport? please consider this advice it´s easy for your husband to get the children an algerian passport if he has all the documents in hand such as birth certificate, marriage,photos etc...without your knowledge, my husband did that with my child and my son already had a british passport!!! the arab embassies give all the help to fathers in the UK, and the authorities in the UK can´t regulate or do anything to stop fathers getting a passport for the children if the father´s origin of birth is algeria, so seek the legal advice and never leave your children of your site or alone with the father. good luck
From brigid / Posted: 28/06/2010
Hi, a child born(including in the UK) to an algerian father has automatic algerian citizienship. A child cannot leave Algeria without permission from father, same of an adult woman who needs father or husbands permission. I refer to Farida´s tragic situation and her experience is the reason for 10 years i have protected my daughter by TELLING the courts that my daughter will not have access to her father becasue it is very easy to abduct a child from UK to Algeria. False passports and ID are in abudance. Please be very careful because do not expect support from the UK authorities.
From Maria / Posted: 29/06/2010
you must know whereabout in algeria your husband might be, right? why not to go there instead of sitting and waiting especially for sooo long?
From Wafiah / Posted: 07/07/2010
even if someone knows the whereabouts, as long as the woman is married to the guy who took the children away, she will still need the written authorization from her husband to get out of Algeria and for the children too. Recently, the husband of my friend took her children to Algeria and he does not want to give them back. She cannot go to get them because he is refusing her the authorisation to go out again of Algeria to come back to the UK. So, it is easy to say go get them but it is not so easy to do, especially if you know you will be no better than a prisoner there.
For Kim, I was wondering, canīt you put the name of your children and husband at the airport. I think it is possible to do this when someone is scared that one parent will abduct the children, but I do not know the procedure to follow. Please call a solicitor.
From starfish / Posted: 02/10/2013
Hi I have been married for 5 years to an Algerian, several months ago he got his uk citizenship, he has a briish and Algerian passport and my daughter is accutally on his algeriain passport and has her own uk. My husband has been cheating and I have left him Im scared he will snatch the child from nursery etc and take her to Algeria, I have taken the passports etc, any advise please xxx
From r1d3r / Posted: 20/04/2014
I am Algerian and I had an English wife, we both were living in Paris with our 3 months old son, than one morning she took off without word of warning with our son while I was at work, I was looking everywhere for them I tough something happen to both of them, I was about to call the police to look for them,, I found out 2 hours after when I contacted her parents in UK, she picked up the phone and her first words to me were oh by the way I don’t like living in Paris and you can get lawyer to sort out your contact with our son! The day before we were out together in the park with our son having a laugh and talking as if everything was as normal. It’s for 4 years now and I am still battling to have a normal contact with my son through the court. My advice to you that you should get a prohibited step order in place and talk to your husband about the future of your kids, for them to have access to both parents because they are innocent in this matter and they don’t deserve to come in middle of this, 3# leave your husband because it sound like there is mistrust already if you are already in this site. Good luck.
From Maria / Posted: 07/12/2014
Married to algerian men, be extremely careful any time any minute and your life is upside down so TRUST your mother instincts, think only about your kids not your husband because once the kids in Algeria itīs too late impossible to change it and you will only have your eyes to cry if you and your algerian ex husband or bf or whatever are not getting along. I have been through it and do not trust algerian consulate in London they will provide passport to an Algerian father whith no doubt good luck to all. Again not reunite not uk police not the Queen or high court judges will be able to do something for you, not even MPs so be strong better to make a mistake than to have your child taken away maria
From Lut / Posted: 24/01/2015
I saw a tragic encounter between a Sevillian mother living now for 3 years in Algeria, because her violent ex-husband kidnapped her 3 children, the man was hitting her badly. My hart broke when the mother had to leave her kids without possibility to talk with them, knowing specially her oldest daughter in the hands of that diabolic man. Please are there any British people with their heart in the right place that can help so that these UK/Spanish minors can leave the hell in which they are
From StoneWall / Posted: 04/03/2015
How do you prevent this from happening if you think there is a risk that the Algerian father of your children will take them to Algeria and never bring them back? What practical steps can you take to prevent this from happening?
From nicky / Posted: 24/04/2015
My heart bleads for all you poor,poor women, who loved and trusted your Algerian partners, who stole your children, to take them to that male manipulated country. Iīm so very sorry for you all. Do whatever it takes to get them back. My advice would be to convert to Islam, in my humble opinion, it seems to me that is the core of the problem.
From emma creed / Posted: 13/06/2015
My husband is algerian and told me our British born child has to have a algerian passport as well as a British visit and can no longer have a visa is this true
From Brigjd / Posted: 02/08/2015
Hi Emma, sounds rather suspicious. UK nationals do need visa to enter Algeria, and a child obtains automatic citizenship if father Algerian. I don´t know your circumstances, but please be very careful.
From gigi / Posted: 05/09/2015
My three children are in Algeria- so let´s get one thing clear- are you all saying that there is no hope of me getting my children back and that if I visit them I will be unable to leave the country? It will be 9 weeks tomorrow- I feel like the living dead- how am I supposed to live like this?
From gigi / Posted: 05/09/2015
@Nicky, converting to Islam solves nothing. I wore a hijab for 15 years. I tried my best to please my husband but nothing was ever good enough. Now 3 of my children are in Algerian and 3 are here in Ireland- the poor kidsī hearts have been ripped apart :(
From Lillia´s mummy / Posted: 18/09/2015
Gigi, my heart goes out to you and youīre children. Iīm sorry there is not much advice I can give you. But I can share my story.
My husband is Algerian. We have a daughter 2 and a half years old. We were having some difficulties in our marriage as he was constantly lying about everything and anything. I found an application for an Algerian passport which my husband had filled out without my knowledge or agreement. I questioned him about it and explained how very worried I was of him abducting our daughter to Algeria. He had previously made comments about children easily taken out of the UK on another childīs passport, so I was very worried. But as I loved him so much and simply didnīt want to believe heīd ever do that, I was honest and told him my worries. He accepted he would not apply for a passport for our daughter and that was the end of it. Then a couple of months later I opened mail accidentally addressed to him and it was a Deed poll certificate where he had changed our daughters name again without my knowledge or consent!
I left him once I realised the risks were simply far too high and it was evident he was completely untrustworthy.
I went to court myself and applied for a prohibited steps order preventing him from removing our daughter from the UK.
I have also only agreed to supervised contact whereby it was previously at my dads house but is now at a contact centre once a week.
I have a fairly good relationship with my husband now as I bring my daughter to the contact sessions weekly and often have to spend time around her and her father as she cries for me if I try to leave. But we only talk about our daughter and whatīs best for her etc!
The courts and social services have been excellent!!! They have supported my fears of abduction to Algeria and all agree this is something my husband is capable of as the documentation I found - deed poll certificate and passport application have been seen by all involved.
All I can say is DONT let your child out of your sight!!!
Itīs not really about wether or not your husband will do it or not.... Itīs about how your child would feel, should that happen to them!
We donīt allow our children near hot pans, flames on cookers or other unsafe things because we donīt want them to get harmed in any way! This is the absolute same situation. If your child were to be taken away to a country such as Algeria, they are firstly denied their mother but also opportunities such as education, better health services and human rights.
Algeria is a very very different country compared to the UK.

The fear of my daughter being taken to Algeria by her father, terrifies me every day, hour and minute! But I take all the precautions possible and will continue to do so.
These men are completely ruthless and will hurt you by taking your child/children away without giving a single thought to what the poor child will suffer mentally and emotionally being torn away from its mother!

I can only hope and pray for the children that have been taken and with the love of God hope they are returned to their homes.
From dd / Posted: 28/10/2015
I have left my husband due to abuse. My gut was always telling me he was biding hes time to try and take our son to Algeria. I was living in hell but i stayed cause i wanted to trust him, he secretly applied for our sons Algerian passport. I´m still scared every single day. I don´t trust him one bit. Always always listen to your gut and act on it. Good luck.
From Thea / Posted: 01/11/2015
Hello ladies, so glad to of found this forum, my story is so similar to yours, but in reverse. I unfortunately lived in Algeria, with my four kids for over two years with my abusive,lying and controlling husband. I finally managed to summon the strength to leave him after fifteen years of an unhappy marriage.Passports were finally given back to me,and with the permission from my husband for all four kids to leave, and tickets bought with the help from my family, but on the morning of travelling my husband let all three go apart from my son (10) he deliberately left him at my mil house and I couldnīt get him,as her house is to far away,So I had to leave with my younger children. My husband using my poor son as a pawn in his anger against me. My only concern is for my sons well being, he has no support in Algeria and my husband is a neglectful father. My husband has told me that he will bring him in december for a Holliday, but as I donīt trust him and his British passport will expire that month, and so has his algerian one,I am not feeling very optimistic. Any feed back or advice will be so appreciated....
From Micha / Posted: 22/04/2016
Hello! I m married to an algerian and planning to get divorced. He treats me without any respect and his family, especially his mother doesnīt accept me because I donīt want to convert to Islam. We have two little daughters. I m very worried that he will take the children to Algeria to his mother without my permission to make sure they grow up under islamic influence. What can actually be done in the UK by the authorities to protect the children? Are the authorities helpful? Are they gonna take my concerns serious?
From Mom3 / Posted: 16/05/2016
Comments are scary. Im married 17 yrs and muslim all this time. I wear hijab. I pray. I love islam. My husbands family still rejected me after we already had 2 kids. Now 3. But our marriage has been hard for years. He wants to take them. He once divorced me islamically and took them for 5 months. He came back but has never really been nice. Im worried if i dont let him he will get angry and aggressive and sneak them off.
From Marble / Posted: 14/02/2017
Hi I have an ongoing court case with my Algerian ex-husband seeking unsupervised contact with our children, with the court putting in place a PSO(prohibited steps order)or an injunction barring him to take them abroad. I viscerally don´t trust him as he made direct verbal threats when we were still married and attempted to make them Algerian passports. As far as I know, the PSO can not stop realistically someone to take the children away. He could easily travel with them if he wishes. Would any of you have knowledge or information about how to deal with this kind of situation, maybe how to address this matter to the court as I am representing myself at the court. Thanks. Kind regards
From Mum of two being kept in Algeria / Posted: 15/07/2017
Hi, I was married to an Algerian, who was violent. Two of our children are being kept in Algeria by my ex husband. I havenīt seen my son who is 13 and my daughter who is 10 for nine years! Every day is agony for me. I want to visit them but he said donīt expect any help from him. Can anybody help me please? Thank you.

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