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My ex Gf has taken our son back to her country!

by steve / Posted 03/03/2010 / Updated 03/06/2014

Hi Iím a British citizen my ex gf is from Latvia, she ended the one and half year relationship after 5 months our son was born, I didnīt understand why, that was 2 years and 3 months ago, , few weeks later I begged her to take me back but she said no, I was heart broken, , im a sufferer of depression illness so that didnít help me, in the end I didnít know who to trust so I moved away has my depression was getting worse I felt I needed to sort my head out from the depression and get my head around what had happened, anyway 2 years and 3 months on ive recently found out that my ex gf has taken our son and gone back to Latvia, it turns out that I was also on the wrong medication that was making me worse with my depression over the past year and 2 months ive not seen my son but my ex didnít help one min saying I could see him then the next min saying I have Togo through the courts, all she has done is mess with my head, I donīt know who to trust or believe anymore, I never gave her permission to take my son out of the uk, but recently we have spoke va email and she is adiment that she has taken him legally out of the uk, but how is this so, why wasnít I told I feel the whole world his against me ive cried so many tears I miss my son and I want to be in is life.

Any advice would be grateful?


From Phil / Posted: 04/03/2010
Ask Reunite to help and advise I suppose you have done so.
You must try to think clearly.
If you know where about your ex partner is try to contact the social services or even the Police tell them that you fear for your child safety .
From nicola / Posted: 07/03/2010
hi steve
I am so so sorry to hear about your terrible time that your ex g/f has put you through, I have had a similar experiance where my ex husband took my daughter to france 4 years ago and i have not seen her since, i have gone down all the legal routes i possibly can and yet i feel that i am the one who is in the wrong as nothing is being done to help me, I just wanted you to know that you are not on your own, there are many people like us and please dont ever feel you are alone in this, I hope things get resolved for you i truly do. nicola
From Kes / Posted: 14/01/2012
Hi Steve.. Try to stay strong.. I know too well how difficult it is but there are a lot of us in the same situation.. My Little boy was taken by my ex to New zealand from France and I miss him so much. I have a Hague Application in place and hope he will be returned soon. Speak to Re-Unite they are really good.. In fact they were the voice of reason for me when I was really down. Take care & let us know how you get on X
From dharmesh / Posted: 26/01/2012
Dear Steve, My thoughts are with you. There is no pain like this in the world. It will be with you forever. No one can say or do anything to make it better, so keep strong and fight the demons.

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