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my ex will not return my kids back to the uk from iraq

by kelly hamilton / Posted 03/03/2010 / Updated 08/10/2014

has this happened to anyone? does anyone have any asvice on wat i can do to bring my kids back. i have no contact with them at all, my ex will not let me see them or speak to them


From Jay Han / Posted: 01/04/2010
My daughter was abducted by my ex partner many moons ago. It was in the early 90s. She was taken to the middle east. Two years later 1993 and because the country concerned was not under the HCA i was left with no other option but to take the law into my own hands. She is and was always with a British passport.My story has a happy ending. My daughter and I were reunited in Feb 1993. I am writing a book, 8 chapters. Five are complete. I have named it Snatched ( for obvious reasons :o) ) If you would like to contact me as a mum that knows where your at now and has experienced every emotion that I am sure you are living now please feel free to do so. I am in no shape or form suggesting that you follow the steps that I did but I do know that "HOPE" gave me the strength to keep fighting. And the end result was a happy one.

Stay strong and I hope you find comfort in my words that even when we think there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is , we just have to beleive it!.

Take care Jay
From Phil / Posted: 06/04/2010
I have experienced a similar event with my ex wife who is Spanish.
My advise is to act quickly,through tjhe proper channels, the longer you go without doing anything the more it will destroy you.
Good luck
From Marisol / Posted: 17/03/2013
Hello I have being through a Divorce now from a Man of Iraqi nationality and big links to Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Emirates. He said he will give his oat in the Bible ad Koran he would not take the kids (2 boys) to any of those countries. I revert from Islam and refuse to my boys to grow up as muslins, Can I believe him?

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