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holiday in non hague country

by vanessa / Posted 29/04/2010 / Updated 01/06/2010

my friends ex wife wants to take there son to dubai for a holiday to see her family they both have 50/50 residencece my friend is worried she will not come back to the uk is there any law to stop her going


From Lord Protector / Posted: 01/06/2010
Get your friend to take out a Prohibited Steps Order to prevent her leaving.
Dubai is not a Hague Convention signatory nation as far as i´m aware and he will go through helll to get his son back. Even if he does get the boy back, it will involve a LOT of heartache for him and his son. I think he should err on the side of caution.
Sorry but I don´t think he should let the boy go.
I had to take out the same order against my soon-to-be ex wife to stop her taking our two sons to Japan where she´s from.
I did this after hearing one threat too many and I believe that I have done the right thing as she has since given quite clear indications that she would have absconded. Now she is forced to deal with me on a more even playing field and I should be able to hopefully come to some much more reasonable arrangement with her about our boys. Of course travelling out of the UK wioth the boys will not happen for quite some time...
Make sure to remind your friend that it is far better to suffer some embarrassment than to lose his son for a long time (perhaps forever).
I am prepared to face whatever my wife´s family want to try pulling because I am past caring what they think or will say. My sons are too important to be placed on the scales against a few opinions of a bunch of people who would not care a jot if I were to die today. I love my lads too much to knowingly place them at such risk.
As a man, he´s going to have a hard battle but as a dad he has a moral choice. I wish him the best.
You are a good friend to him to be searching out information for him.

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