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father blackmailing children to go to France/ financial matters

by Caroline / Posted 26/06/2010 / Updated 15/08/2010

I am having a terrible time. I am French living in England divorcing from a British man.We agreed in December with the father that the children and myself would settle in France this summer. I was told that no paperwork was necessary as we both agreed. I organised everything, school, appartment, move, sale of the house. The children (13 and 11)were prepared for the move to France for 6 monthes. But, now, at the last minute, my husband links the fate of the children to fianancial settlement, blackmailing me emotionally. My sollicitor says to do application to the court regarding the children but it is very late as The children start school in France beginning of September. And I am extremely worried by the out come for the children (timing, emotion, trauma, school). I can´t live in England anymore...
Your thoughts and advice are welcome.


From Shivali / Posted: 26/06/2010
Do you know what both your children would like to do? ie. what is their preference? And how long have you and your Ex been separated for? Do your kids reside with both of you since your separation? I think you should definitely proceed with your Court application and whilst these things to take time (certainly if your Ex contests this will inevitably mean that your kids will miss the start of their school in France but right now getting this issue sorted out would be far more important to everyones future.
All the best!
From caroline / Posted: 08/07/2010
My son wants to live with me and daughter doesn´t want to choose.We were separated for one year but still living under the same roof.House is sold now.
From Sharon / Posted: 15/08/2010
Your best course of action would be to apply through the British Courts. It is my opinion that they are understanding of people wishing to return to their home country following a separation. Whereas my experience of the French justice system is that they favour their own and you have little chance of leaving if your ex husband will not give you permission.

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