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children taken to Algeria

by mummy to 3 great kids / Posted 19/07/2010 / Updated 22/02/2017

my husband took the children to Algeria wihtout my consent. He said that I abandonned them, I am unstable, etc... I did not abandon them, but we had a row (I served him with divorce papers the day before) and I went out to the park for a few hours to calm down. I know it was wrong because I played in his hands,and he took advantage of this to abduct the children. He did keep us in Algeria before by taking our passports and I had to fight to get them back after a few months. Now the problem is that he is refusing to answer my emails. I went to the police and I have a solicitor, and I know that the children are with his family but I cannot got and get them because I do not trust him. He says, if I come to live in Algeria, I can see the children, but if I do not like it, then I can go back wherever I want (he does not mention with or without the children). He twists everything I say. He tells bad things about me to the children. My little girl is only 20 months. Now, he is not answering my emails. He changes telephone card very often and all of his family are behind him.He says that if I lift the charges of abduction, he will be able to return the kids. In the same go, he said that I will never get out alive of UK. So, I am afraid to drop the charges and I am not sure I can. I am also afraid that if I push too much, he can disappear. He says he cannot bring the children back because he cannot leave the Algerian territory now due to the police´s injunction and abduction charges.I have followed all the legal procedures here, but I am not from UK, but from a neighbourhood country and a longterm resident here. UK cannot do much because the children were born on UK soil but the father took them with algerian passports and my own embassy is saying that as a children were taken from UK, they cannot do a lot. this is a very short condensation of a long story. So, What to do next? what can I try?


From viktorija / Posted: 05/02/2013
hi. thats a very sad to hear from you. but my little daughter have been abducted to algeria two years ago, and i did everything to get her back. but unfortunatelly i havent seen her from that time. my heart is broken and i still can not recover after what happened for me. she was only one year old, when she was taken away from me, and by now she probably dont even know me. which is so sad. i dont put too many hope to get her back as the british courts isnt very helpfull and i do blame them for lot of things which they havnt done to get my child back. i dont know what else i could do to get her back.
From RC / Posted: 06/04/2013
I would drop the charges and just file a complaint with the Police instead and yes it was a big mistake start a divorce without talking through rationally when there is kids involved. You both should put the kids first so both of you have contact equally for your children sake.
The abduction will never work in algeria as it´s not part of the hague convention, what youve done is just pushing your X to the other way, he will avoid coming back now to the UK and will be harder to get him cought with the authorities in UK, my openion is to play it safe with your husband now as the longer you keep the obduction going the longer time waisted to be in contact for your children.
Good luck
From suzanne / Posted: 21/05/2013
Hi, I was in the same situation. My children were abducted to Algeria. They are now back after 7 years. Their father took them and left them with his family and came back. I spent years begging him to let them come back and crying but he just either laughed spitefully or would get annoyed when I spoke about it. One day, a friend said to pretend that I was not bothered about them coming back anymore. I did this, stopped crying infront of him and smiled, said its ok and within a few months he let them come back. I think he wanted or didn´t mind for them to come back but he was scared I wouldn´t let him see them again and I would run off with them but when he thought I wasn´t bothered, he thought its ok then

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