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I want to go home

by Elena / Posted 07/08/2010 / Updated 13/08/2010

Hi. We are two foeigners living in Belgium. He is Italian. I came in Belgium for his career, but I found a good job and he lost his job. As an Italian he become very jelaous and asked for separation after 5 months when I came here. Now I want to go home with my 2 years old son. I am sure he will not allow me. What are my chances to go back home. I have no family, no fiends here and I feel very lonely. His job is not stable here, too. Anyone has similar situation? The law for me is not very clear and it doesn`t say a lot. I feel stucked here.
Please give me any advice or similar situation. Thank you.


From Phillip Casburn / Posted: 13/08/2010
There are a few things to consider, for example does he care for his relationship to his child? I am ssuming here that you are married? Secondly if the making you stay there but does not contribute to the child development and well being you may have to think about a few things yourself to guide you on your way. Maybe for example if he does not care for the Child say every second weekend but would like to reactively at his convenience access your child that is not regular enough, I think bBelgium law can not prohibit you moving more than 50KM away, if you do so you will find out if he cares enough, if he does not and does not see the child for 6 months you can apply to move back to Italy on that basis, or you could say you want to go back home and you will leave him your child, depending on his charachter you may get a bunch of answers, you could then potentially get the legal right to move back if he does not want your child but will not let you personally move back. Difficult situation, positive thing is a child of 2 years can if there is such a seperation with distance, move on in life without suffering for the loss of one parent.
The last thing to do is to retain the child from a father who really wants to be part of the childs life, that happened to me so consider his needs.

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