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This forum offers parents the opportunity to voice their own experiences of international parental child abduction, and related issues, and to share useful information with others in a similar situation.

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by Mandy Jayne Mannion / Posted 01/10/2010 / Updated 23/12/2010

Is there no end to the nightmare?
After having experience of having a child (niece) unlawfully retained in Italy and applying to have her returned via the HC which was successful, we are now in the situation of finding ourselves at the mercy of the British ´Justice´ system.
There is a system of precedent in place, (FORGET THE BEST WELFARE OF THE CHILD), that simply means that if parent with care decides to apply for leave to remove the chances are extremely high that it will be granted. It doesn´t matter what the past conduct is, as in our case the Mother has been proven by the HC to have unlawfully retained the child. The law is ruled by a precedent that was set over 20 years ago and is still applied in an overwhelming majority of cases today. THIS IS SO WRONG.
Please see the following link for more information,


From Anon / Posted: 08/12/2010
The other side of this coin though is that some countries force you to stay there. Where is the best interest of the child when the parent who has care is forced to live in poverty because she doesn´t speak the language well enough to be able to get a decent job and ultimately losing custody anyway because the other parent is in a better financial position to take care of the child and can also claim they can educate the child better. When two parents separate that are from different countries I don´t think there is a fair solution unless one parent is happy and wants to stay in the other country.
From Mandy / Posted: 21/12/2010
I believe the ´other´ countries are right in their thinking. Being a parent requires one to be selfless not selfish. I moved hundreds of miles away from my family when I married and then subsequently had children. I would have loved to ´move home´ when I divorced but I didn´t because it wasn´t in the best interests of OUR CHILDREN. I sacrificed my own happiness to an extent so that we, as parents, could both be actively involved in OUR childrens lives.
From Anon / Posted: 22/12/2010
That´s great for you Mandy but I presume you moved hundreds of miles away but you were still in your own Country. If you add into the equation a language barrier it is a totally different story.
From Mandy / Posted: 23/12/2010
Maybe if people thought of these scenarios before having children, then we wouldn´t have a need to debate it?

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