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My daughter abducted to Malta

by Nicki / Posted 03/11/2010 / Updated 13/11/2010

My daughter has been abducted to Malta by my ex husband from the UK. Its taken me a couple of months to track down where they have gone, and have eventually managed to by getting a court order to make his parents tell the court my daughters whereabouts. Ive filled in forms for the Hague convention thing to do its thing. Hes told the court that he´s within his rights to take my daughter because I havent exercised my custodial rights, which is untrue. Im so so stressed. Everything seems to take so long and be drawn out. Can anyone offer me any words of hope or happy endings stories or any idea on how long these things take. Im at my wits end with worry. Thank you.


From Fighter / Posted: 08/11/2010
Hello Nicki, I too am fighting a Hague abduction case but I am being falsely accused of abduction. Hague cases are meant to be dealt with within 42 days but my has been ongoing for over 4 months now. I hope you have been given good legal advise. Believe in what you are doing and provide as much information / evidence as to how you were exercising your custodial rights. Good luck.
From Petra / Posted: 08/11/2010
Hello Nicki
I am in similar situation. My son was abducetd to Brazil by his father. I am desperate... Everything´s taking too long. Maybe you need someone to talk...
From Phil / Posted: 09/11/2010
I know the desparation which you will feel right now,as will many others who read this .
I am posting this just to support you and to let you know that the feelings you are experiencing are natural,do not try to contain them ,let them out there is no doubt the comming months and years will be hard for you ,but never loose hope and always try to do something to help your situation .
After more than three years I am still fighting the authorities and system in Spain with a slow but steady progress (fingers crossed) ,you must do the same.
Good luck.

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