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This forum offers parents the opportunity to voice their own experiences of international parental child abduction, and related issues, and to share useful information with others in a similar situation.

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by rebecca / Posted 10/11/2010 / Updated 24/02/2011

I want to kill the abductor to save my children, is that ok?

Does anyone else out there want to kill. I´ve spent money on Lawyers, my children´s right for contact with me is still being violated, how do I proceed? I sought psychological help but The Councillor said the problem is in my head.


From ?? / Posted: 16/11/2010
Hi Rebecca

Very sad to read your post.

Abducting parents seem to get away with murder leaving left behind parents on a slow road to insanity and madness. The even crazier thing is the law being on the side of the abductor. By the time courts get their act together the child/ren in question have a habitual residence and in the best interest of a child´s stability the status quo remains … in other words you´ve lost your child/ren, your life and you slowly go insane. On top the abductors often claim they are the unfairly treated.

Counsellors often find fault with the individuals they counsel; they´ll tell you "´you´ need to change yourself; control what the things in your power to control and to let go of the rest" … but do they understand the tormenting emotions of losing your child. I doubt it.

And having lawyers involved can only make things more strained and ultimately its the children that will bear the greatest pain. Posts on this forum may talk of ´wins´ where children have been ´returned´ … returned to what exactly? The children are still without one parent and how can that be right?

I just wanted to say ´I can empathise with your feelings´. I hope you find peace to your situation.

From Phil / Posted: 22/11/2010
´Kill the abductor´!
No this is not a good idea ,if you were to do this you will suffer painfully for the rest of your life, with remorse wilst being in prison.
Do you have any contact with the child?
What are your lawyers doing?
My personal opinion of lawyers is not a very high one and this is why I ask ,as you must do ´what are they actually doing ´ apart from charging you exhorbitant fees?
This strain only adds to the frustration .
Reassess your situation and forget about ´killing´ be more clever than that and look for another way.
From julie / Posted: 24/02/2011
the trouble is with counsellors they dont understand the international laws and real threat of abduction that the parent goes through . they only know our own countries law and follow by it and yes they do have a habit of finding fault with those they counsell . like phil says find another way a cleverer way like robin hood once said what one has took well my god we take it back i wish you all the best x

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