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husband retaining my 2 children in spain

by claire / Posted 08/12/2010 / Updated 16/01/2011

hi, my 2 kids are being retained after a 2 week holiday back in march, i have spent thousands on a spanish solicitor that did absolutley nothing exept send a police man to my husbands villa to look at his passport. I made an application to the hague in june, does anyone know or have any experience with spain?


From Bill / Posted: 07/01/2011
Hello Claire.
I only visit this site around once a month currently and have only just seen your email.
I do wish to provide you with some moral support.
I do not want to write reams of text right now,but I am very experienced in dealing with Spain.My ex wife is Spanish ,she took our daughter from UK in 2007,(when the child was 7 y.o.)for more than 2 and half years she denied me access to my daughter saying that my daughter did not wish to see me;luckily I had faith in my own belief and that of my dasughter.
I saw her for the first time since 2007 in January 2010 it was a very emotional occurance as she ran to me arms outstreched with tears running down her cheeks saying ´´Daddy I love you ´´
My experience of Spanish solicitors is exactly the same as what your has been,they charge a lot of money for doing nothing much,and as a foriegner you have little idea of their procedures.
It is difficult but I suggest that you deal with these people as little as possible I felt that they added to my stresses by 100%.
As for more personal advise to you ,I would need to know far more about your situation.If you wish to divulge such then please do so .
Incidently I shall be attending court in Spain in approx 10 days time .
I await to hear form you.

From Martin / Posted: 16/01/2011
I have a similar story to yours Claire, but In my case I am the person being accused of abducting my 2 children. I live in spain, and early last year my wife, from whom I have been separated for over 5 years, started to go completely off the rails. She had met a new partner, become alcohol and drug dependent and got into trouble repeatedly with police. Our 2 children became very distressed and the children were taken by my wides parents to stay with them as they thought that their daughter had become unfit look after them. At this point I as the childrens father requested that the 2 children come to me for a while in Spain, until their mother was once again in a fit enough state to care for them. This was agreed by all parties. On the day the 2 children were due to go back to uk I received a telephone call from uk social services asking if it was possible for me to keep the 2 children with me in Spain, as they considered them to be in danger if they were returned to the care of their mother, and that if they were returned to uk social services would be forced to make an application to have them taken into care.
That was almost a year ago. Since then during the few visits the children have recieved from their mother she has turned up for the contact meetings completely intoxicated except on two occasions. I feel sorry for my kids that she cares so little about the that she cannot even manage a contact visit for a few hours without needing to be smashed out of her face. Luckily my children see her for what she is and my children are happy here in Spain, and do not wish to return to the uk. They love their life in Spain.
From Martin / Posted: 16/01/2011
It seems some people forget that there are 2 sides to such stories

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