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Questions person in Uk who is to make visit with husband to Egypt afraid he might forbid mother to r

by lisa sigler / Posted 17/12/2010 / Updated 11/06/2011

I am trying to help someone who lives in the Uk. She is married to someone from Egypt they currently live in the UK. They have plans to visit Egypt in 5 weeks. The mother is very concerned that once they are there adn the husband is around his family that he may forbid the return to Uk with child anyone who can offer me info on what she can do to prevent this from happening would be greatly appreciated.


From Norma / Posted: 05/06/2011
Sorry I haven´t written before. Did they get back safely? I hope so, because if it turns into a legal fight it is very difficult for a foreign mother in Egypt.
From Rebecca / Posted: 08/06/2011
Egypt (like many countries in Africa) is not signed up for the Hague Convention, so your friend would not be able to use this law for the purpose of ´unlawful retention´ if he does not allow the child to return to the UK. If this trip is definitely a holiday only, then I would advise your friend to leave you with details and copies of the pre booked return flight tickets (it is very important that return flight tickets are booked at the time and she not go on a one way ticket with the promise they will book the return flight once there) and copies of their passports so that she has all details of them to hand via you if she needs them. Tell your friend to trust her gut instincts on this, and if she has doubts then it´s best not to go. Although still married to this man she obviously has reason to fear this situation, so things cannot be good between them. There are too many cases of women being trapped abroad with their children for her to ignore this feeling and I would strongly recommend that she reads a book called Not Without My Daughter by a lady called Betty Mahmoody before she goes.
From Hayley Guy / Posted: 11/06/2011
Hi there. I can completely understand her concern. Im afaid i can´t offer any legal advice..but i would say she has done the right thing for making you aware of her concerns. The only thing i would say is make sure you have the address of where she is and make sure she makes regular calls home. Also if i was in her situation i would try and make sure she has the responsibility of having the passports at all times. The other thing i would do is speak to the british embassy over there,they will give you the best info. Im sure this has already been discussed between you´s already. Keep us up dated!

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