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6 month old daughter abducted

by Dave / Posted 16/07/2008 / Updated 17/03/2009

Can anyone share their experience of child abduction to France please. My partner has taken our 6 month old daughter to France. I am feeling really emotional and I´m finding all the legal stuff, Hague etc confusing and don´t know what to do next. Any help appreciated.


From ? / Posted: 23/07/2008
Hi Dave: my boy was 7 months when his mother took him to Holland. I have not seen him now for some 4 months plus. I waited for 88 days before I even reported them missing let alone think about filling in the ICACU forms. Emotions also blinded me. France is a member of the Hague Convention so you this is to your advantage. I recommend you waste no time in filling in your form - it is very straight forward and I repeat dont try to put aside your emotions and do what you have to do for your daughter to get back to the UK.
From jon / Posted: 31/08/2008
my ex partner wants to leave uk to go to live in italy as she recently met a new man and now wants to go live there with our 6 year old daughter. i have a pra but am unsure what my rights are, can she legally go as she tells me??
she has family that live there as her parents are italian but mother now lives in uk and her father passed. ive played a daily role in my childs life and she has just settled into a great school that we both worked very hard to get her into

any thoughts??
From René / Posted: 08/09/2008
Hello Dave, In mai my Greek wife kept our child 6 months old in Greece after hollidays and baptice there. I started emediatly a procedure according the haque convenant. Now four months later the case will be handled in Greek court the 19th of september. My advice to you is to act as soon as possible. Contact your Central Authority and start the procedure. I wish you all the best. One more advice even when its hard, try to control your emotions and act rational in the best interest of your child. Once again all the best. René Hengelo Netherlands
From MP / Posted: 23/12/2008
I remember back in 1983 when my 4 children were abducted. I wrote to Claire Short MP she had gone to Germany and brought back a young girl whose father had taken her there. She asked the girl if she wanted to come back to the UK. The girl said yes. They just got on a plane and came back.
From elaine / Posted: 28/01/2009

If you got a Parental Responsibility Order through the Courts then it will say on it that the parent with care cannot remove the child from England for more than 14 days without the consent of the Court. Suggest you return to the Court where you got the order from.
From MG / Posted: 20/02/2009
I have read all your comments and can understand completely. My daughter has been taken from Spain to the Uk without permission. Even though he had custody due to him living near the school (week reason I know) I had her twice a week half the holidays and every other weekend. We had gone back to court for me to get custody and he didnt respond to the order just left the country. I started proceedings immediately and I am now waiting to see what happens. I will keep you updated in the hope this will also help others. It has been two weeks now which is not long considering some of you but for me it is tooo long.
From MM / Posted: 17/03/2009
Dave, go to There are some case laws there to help you figure out which legal leg to stand on. If you know where the mother is then you can file papers through the have her returned, especially if the mother did not get your permission to leave with your daughter. You have to be able to meet certain conditions before you can file under the convention. In the mean time, Chin up. Also, I do not know where you are but these are two solicitors that may be able to help you, they worked on my case: Ann Marie Hutchinson ( just google them) and Anthony Louca. I am suggesting these two because they HAVE experience working on these types of cases and that´s what you need. Also read up on other cases on the web site. You may find a case that mirrors yours and you will not only have to rely on your solicitor but you will know exactly what to do. Do you know the mother´s address? Because if you do you already have a very good start so that a location order can be served on her.

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