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If I suspect heīs planning an abduction???

by Lesley / Posted 18/01/2011 / Updated 11/02/2011

If I have serious concerns my son will not be returned after a visitation trip abroad what can I do? What will happen if I break a court order and donīt send him? I feel I need to protect him from his abusive father and am terrfied of what may be soon about to happen.


From jacquie brown / Posted: 03/02/2011
my egyptian ex husband is taking me to court 15th feb 2011 for over nite access. i believe this will give him oppertunity to abduct him! i need evidence and statistics for court.
From Rebecca / Posted: 05/02/2011
I would say trust your gut instincts and donīt let him go. Read about Samantha Rawīs story and learn from that, she let her sons go to France despite her misgivings, but decided she had to comply with the law. The father never returned them and the law failed her big time. What country is your son meant to go to to see his father? As far as breaking a court order goes, you could be held in contempt of court. Was the court order made in the country your ex is in or this country? If the order was made in your exīs country then he would have to start proceedings there for breach of the order, and if it was upheld in that country then our county would also have to uphold them, but countries donīt always enforce other countriesī orders! If the order was made in this country, then your ex can contact a solicitor here and you would have to go to court here for breaching the order. The police in this country can now arrest for breach of civil court orders, but it doesnīt necessarily mean you will face a prison sentence. The first time my son had to return abroad to see his father (as per an Australian court order) I was very nervous that he wouldnīt return to the UK, but thankfully he did. My son has now been to visit his father twice and is due to go for a third time this Easter. Fortunately for me, his paternal grandmother takes him for his visits and I still get on well with her and she always promises me that she will bring my son back again, and so far she has, but there is always that niggling worry that my ex may well try and stop her, and then I know I am in for a huge legal battle all over again. Who would be taking your son abroad and how much do you trust them? What country is involved here?
From Lesley / Posted: 08/02/2011
The order was made in his country, also a Hague country. Ive followed it properly for almost 2 years but the threat of abduction has become worse, theres been incidents that have really concerned me but Im worried, I was treated so badly in the courts over there I donīt know if i have enough proof to show them here how truely concerned I am. Im also worried I wont be able to afford legal help but wont get legal aid and I wonder how it will reflect on me if I have to represent myself
From Rebecca / Posted: 11/02/2011
Jacqui - Contact your local police and ask to speak to the Domestic Abuse Unit or the Child Protection Unit. If there is a real chance that your ex will take your child out of the country then the police can step in and seize passports until you have a Prohibited Steps order in place. The police do take concerns of potential parental child abduction seriously and you need to act fast.
Lesley - if the order was made in a foreign country then do nothing and learn from the stated case of Samantha Raw. Let the other country take the steps of enforcing their own court order, they may not even bother! As another person on this forum has recently posted - the HC is a joke. It only works effectively when people comply with it (like I did!). If you donīt comply then it appears to fall apart and doesnīt get enforced. I certainly know what Iīd be doing if I was in your shoes. Be prepared to take the wrath rather than live with the regret of losing your child - hold on to what is most precious. Let the contact continue via phonecalls etc until you can trust again, donīt stop contact altogether.

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