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equal rights for fathers

by Maria / Posted 19/01/2011 / Updated 27/01/2011

as a mother and a woman I am disgusted at the way some women are behaving, the use of children to seek revenge, the punishing of the spouse through denying access,
and what about the child? Do you ever stop and think whats best for your child?
Doesnt your child deserve the right to know that he/she is loved by the two people that conceived him/her?


From Phil / Posted: 26/01/2011
As a father who has suffered extensively through the uncooperative nature of my ex (Spanish) wife and who continues to do so ,it is much appreciated to see a comment such as your coming from a female.
Oh how I wish you could speak to my ex wife!
From Rebecca / Posted: 27/01/2011
I absolutely agree with you Maria. In my line of work I deal daily with domestic situations where a relationship has broken up and the woman wants to move on with her new fella and it is so inconvenient that the ex wants to be on the scene on a regular basis and see the children - yes - that situation is very selfish. However, we must not judge everyone by what we believe to be the case, as I am ´one of those awful women´ but I feel I was justified to do what I did because I was being abused and my son was witnessing it, so I returned to my home country, therefore, denying the father any access to his son, so he commenced HC proceedings. You are in a fortunate position to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship (you must be to have posted your comment), and when everything is going well we wouldn´t contemplate even thinking about doing such a thing, let alone doing it. But sometimes, things change, and we flee the situation and take our children with us. I now strongly believe in the saying "never say never" because no one knows what is around the corner. Some of the ladies are not on this site because they are behaving selfishly, they are in the situation they are in because that´s the only way they can cope, and it is very hard to reach a compromise with an ex partner who wants EVERYTHING his way, or no way!

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