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Case of Mrs Gerardeau in France

by Rebecca / Posted 22/01/2011 / Updated 14/01/2012

I am appalled at the case that I have just read on the Reunite news that has just been released to the press, which refers to the case of Mrs Gerardeau and the unlawful retention of her two sons in France. The fact that this has been to two of the highest courts in both countries and it has been proven that Mr Gerardeau is in the wrong and the boys should be returned to England, but is not being enforced, is ridiculous. What are these people playing at? To have a country not enforce its own orders is farcical. I´m fully aware that countries do not enforce other countries orders, but not your own! This lady has done everything ´properly´, despite probably going against her gut instinct and letting her boys go back to France in 2008 (which I personally would not have done so due to the fact her ex had not readily returned the boys before).
As her oldest son is now 15 the choice will soon be his as to which country he lives in, and his younger brother will probably follow suit, but the way this law has been carried out does not give much hope to everyone else going through it. The French authorities ought to refund Mrs Gerardeau every penny she has paid out on lawyers over the past few years, plus costs for the emotional abuse she has had. I know that no amount of money can compensate for losing your children, but the authorities can not be allowed to just let this be done and dusted, and need to be brought to account. The message this sends out is very clear to people - you don´t need to comply with the HC. Wish I´d have known this 6 years ago, would have saved me a lot of hardship!


From kes / Posted: 14/01/2012
Do you have a link to this story please. I have a HC application for the return of my boy to France from NZ..

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