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Hague convention

by Nicki / Posted 07/02/2011 / Updated 17/03/2011

The Hague convention is a joke, it isnt worth whatever its written on. The overseas courts just overide it and do their own thing. This sucks. I´m sick of the whole process and I´m feeling hopeless about ever seeing my daughter again. I hate life right now.


From seraphic / Posted: 15/02/2011
Hi Nicki,

My sympathy goes out to you, as far as I am aware the Hague Convention is better known in certain circles as the Vague Convention as it is like falling into a black hole.
Please try to stay strong for your child and dont rely on the Lawyers or Authorities to get things done or get things right. Try to focus on researching international Family law and arm yourself with Knowledge,for that will be the key to understanding what your options may be, which could be beneficial in the long term.
For the sake of all involved try to keep your sanity and remember that those of us that are suffering like yourself share your misery and are praying for you too.

Peace be with you.
From Almut / Posted: 23/02/2011
Hello Nicki, please stay strong and keep up the belief, that in the end, justice will prevail. Thanks to the Hague Convention, I have recently hugged my son again and was able to take him back home, after 5 dark months. Use all the resources you can. The staff of Reunite was extremely helpful in getting things moving and drawing attention to my case, to ensure the Hague Convention is applied correctly. It helped a lot, even though the UK wasn´t actually involved technically in my case. Wishing you all the best. Don´t lose track of the light at the end of the tunnel. Almut
From Nicki / Posted: 27/02/2011
Thank you. I´m still fighting. In UK courts, high court and foreign court.
Have to say I don´t find the UKs child abduction agency particularly pleasant to deal with. I suppose its all a normals days work for them but they are so blunt and matter of fact and I don´t feel particularly supported by them.
More court this week.. I seem to be having to dis-prove lie after lie from the abductor. As soon as I disprove one he comes up with another. Wish they would just get on with it. Ive not seen or heard from my daughter in over 7 months now :(
From chris / Posted: 16/03/2011
Niki i understand you. I really do. My son was abducted to south america in January and Im going through the hague and its now in the high courts in the UK. It seems so long and reading some of these posts make me more afraid that I wont see him for months more! sorry, this isnt encouraging! I really hope this hague thing works cos it´s all im holding onto! Chris
From Cammie / Posted: 17/03/2011
Hello Nicky, May I say as a mother who regained her children twice after international abduction, that my heart goes out to you. Yesterday happened to be the seventh anniversary of "my win" in the Court of Appeal in Europe. I know I am very fortunate to have my children with me every day and watch them grow up. I would just like to say to anyone, DON´T knock the H.C. !!! Once I knew to contact the Home Office in the first instance with the second abduction, I was put through to the Foreign Office and subsequently to the Department of Constitutional Affairs´ Int. Child Abduction Unit. I have had nothing but care, advice, assistance all in a very dignified and professional manner. Never did I speak to a machine or ´mechanical option tape´. I was repeatedly given direct phone numbers to other departments who could assist in certain aspects of my case. I have nothing but praise for all of them! They helped me through and we shall always be most grateful. Let me just add that at the time I was in a dreadful state and sick with fear and panic. I wish you all the luck and am convinced that soon you will hold your daughter again! When I hold mine after school, I shall think of you and pray for you. Please remain strong Nicki.

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