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This forum offers parents the opportunity to voice their own experiences of international parental child abduction, and related issues, and to share useful information with others in a similar situation.

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Always hope!!

by Martin / Posted 16/07/2008 / Updated 17/03/2009

Hi all,
I have been watching the Reunite forum for a long time but this is the first time Iīve posted anything.
My 3 kids were abducted by their mum 2 years ago to USA and I havenīt seen them since. My ex partner has been jumping from state to state and everytime I think Iīm close to finding them, they disappear again. I had a struggle to get a hague application going as it turned out I never had parental responsibility for any of them. I know that one day I will see my kids again. I will never give up searching or fighting for them. I guess I just wanted to say to anyone going through this, that (as they keep telling me on the advice line!) "there is always hope" - I truly believe in this!


From izzie / Posted: 11/08/2008
can you clarify something do you need to have parental responsibility to apply under the hague convention?
From Anthea / Posted: 04/03/2009
Thank you for this fact of life - like Find my family Australian TV outcomes hope is all we´ve got when people are in this insane boat. I´m a cut off mum. Take care. Love, Anthea
From Awatif / Posted: 13/03/2009
People amaze me, talking about "hope" as its the miracle to our pain. I agree hope is good and hopefully will get to see our children at some stage in our life, but I ask myself every day if my government canīt do anything to get my child back, the doctors advise u to get over the incident and tell u, you will heal with time, is it right to say "Hope" ? No one understand what u r going through emotionally unless u have been there ur self, u just have to accept that your child is been traded for by the government and let nature take its cause. so u can choose to "Hope and strugle to deal with every single day to live" or "not hope and look at the big picture and fight for what is right" the choice is yours!!!!
From Andy / Posted: 13/03/2009
Martin, I feel for you - I thought my situation was bad, I know where my son is, I have upteen HC and other court orders saying he must be returned but I have only seen able to see him for 4 hrs in the last year. The law is an ass, the HC helps but doesnīt go anywhere near far enough, and those in control donīt really care. You WILL see your kids again, but be patient and be prepared to tell them the whole story. 2 years ago I thought it would be all sorted in 6 months, if it was in the next two years, Iīd be surprised - BUT I ainīt gonna give up!
From MM / Posted: 17/03/2009
What did you need to show that you had been exercising your parental responsiblity? Did you have no contact with the children? Did you not support them? Were you not playing an active role in their lives? What? Please clarify as someone may be able to assist you. Which one of the four criteria did you not meet in order to file your application with the Hague. And by the way, even if the mother is jumping around,I believe that the one-year clock for applying begins at that point, when the parent and child/ren are located. Also check as there maybe some case laws there to help you. They all relate to Hague Child Abduction cases.

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