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Hague Convention case

by Desperate Mother / Posted 10/02/2011 / Updated 19/04/2014

Does anyone have experience with Hague convention case in Brazil? My son has been taken to Brazil from UK by his father. Itīs already almost 6 months that I havenīt seen my son.I would like to find out how long does case like this take to resolve? If anyone has an experience with Brazil please enter in contact with me... Any support is more than welcome. Thank you


From Justin / Posted: 26/02/2011
Hi there, my children were also abducted to Brazil 5 months ago by their mother so Iīm going through the same as you right now... Everyday is a struggle and its hard to see an end in sight. Iīd really like to make contact with you if you would too?

From chris / Posted: 16/03/2011
Hi. Yeah my son was abducted to French Guiana two months ago.Just above Brazil and Im going through the High Courts and the Hague. Have you had any success? Im so disgusted with the Police and their lack of help and response to prosecute! Chris
From Tim / Posted: 04/07/2011
My wife took my wonderful 4 year old daughter to Brazil in September 2009 for a holiday. Since then she has given a string of excuses for not returning. In that time her 2 year visa expired and though I have paid for another this has been refused. I am getting a really hard time from my wife, demanding money yet not supporting the visa refusal appeal etc I sometimes feel as if my life is destroyed and my elderley mother who had built a strong relationship with her little grand-daughter is devastated. My wife seems completely unconcerned and makes claims about me being a bad father and husband, almost all of which have absolutely no foundation at all.
There is a Hague application but I am really unsure about what will happen. It all goes very slowly. I am also concerned about my daughter´s safety as my wife has moved from her family house and I am unsure of her exact location. She has given me a phone that is not answered and is making contact with my daughter very hard or impossible.
From Petra / Posted: 23/07/2011
Hello Justin and Chris I havenīt checked for ages for reply. How is your case going? Itīs been 10 months since I saw my son last time and I donīt have a date of court hearing yet! I hired private lawyer in Brazil but it was just a loss of money because the case is in attorney generalīs office. And they have their own lawyer dealing with the case but I donīt have contact with him only with the central authority. The lawyer I paid couldnīt do anything for me. He just provided me with log in details so that I can view my case online anytime I want. Do you have that too? If not you might be able to request it. I donīt know about French Guiana but Brazil is very very slow. I am so worried that I wonīt get my little boy back. Take care all the best...
From Petra / Posted: 20/08/2011
Dear Tim I am sorry to hear that. And believe me I know just how you feel. My son has been in Brazil for almost a year I submited Hague application 2 weeks after he left and reported it to the police on second day and yet nothing is happening. My husband lives in Brazil great life and I am just waiting and waiting... Did anyone win Hague case in Brazil before???
From Petra / Posted: 11/10/2011
Hello Tim Just to let you know I won the case after a year and I am now back in England. I got great support from the Central Authorities. How long did you take to submit your application? Did they locate your child???
From Tuschina / Posted: 24/08/2013
My husband has taken my two daughters to brazil. I am about to submit my hague application but would like to make contact with someone who has dealt with brazil. Any advice would be appreciated.

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