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Constant fear due to Turkish dad

by worried_mum / Posted 01/04/2011 / Updated 01/11/2011

My daughter has a turkish father (we are married). Our relationship has deteriorated since she was born and now I live in fear that he will try to take her. He has obtained a turkish id card for her and I am worried that this means she now has dual nationality. Can someone confirm?
Also, i have agreed to leave loads of information with my best friend when we take our daughter to turkey for a visit for the first time - can anyone recommend any specific information?
I just donīt know where to turn, itīs horrible living in constant fear :(


From tasha dineen / Posted: 15/04/2011
Hi I have the exact same problem yes unfortunately the id card does mean dual nationality. my son´s father is turkish and we are now seperated he has never cared for my son or contributed and now that i have taken my case to court he is now using him for a visa. unfortunately the court has always voted in his favour and now as of yesterday the courts have decided that i have to let my son go with this man unsupervised. if i dont let my son then there is a possibility i could get fined or even go to prison. i totally understand your fear as i am constantly living with this too. unfortunately there is not much help i can give to you im screaming out for help but getting this from nowhere not even our own justice system will help. :(
From guy / Posted: 16/04/2011
Iīm sorry but what did you expect?
From worried_mum / Posted: 17/04/2011
Tasha, I really feel for you. The legal system is a disaster when it comes to these cases. Have you been to meet your exīs family in turkey? do you know where they like/how to get there etc? can your ex take him out of the country (legally?). I really share your fears and if I can help, please please ask
From Norma / Posted: 05/06/2011
Donīt go to Turkey! Itīs obvious that your instinct is that there is danger - donīt ignore that. You can leave information, contact details, etc, but that wonīt help if he picks up the child, holds her in his arms and just wonīt let you take her. You think that if you are with her in Turkey, you can keep her safe - you canīt. Donīt take the chance.
From liz / Posted: 08/06/2011
Going throught the same as well legal system a nightmare,stick it out though you usually find give them enough rope and they will hang themselves, I am sick of going to the police and the courts and trying to get them to listen but will continue to do so to keep my son safe do the same x
From Anisa / Posted: 08/09/2011
Do not go to Turkey, i beg you do not do it! Let the fathers family come to visit you. Please read my story on my Facebook Group īBring Amani Khansia Homeī i will try to save anyone from going through the pain i am at the moment.
From julie / Posted: 08/10/2011
Hi tasha dont do it u trust your instincts lots of absent mothers have defied the system and they havent been prisoned for it here you be strong and fight the system x
From jeanie / Posted: 01/11/2011
dont go to turkey he will come under turkish law if he has dual nationality anisa is paying the price and with a lot of suffering .turkish men can get a visa to viit children living here they have to fill in the right visa.

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