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mum refusing to return from Poland

by BB / Posted 27/04/2011 / Updated 15/04/2018

Hi All,
I would greatly appreciate some advice/experience of the following. I am married to a Polish women who has taken my 6 year old son to Poland for a holiday from Ireland where we have both lived for 6 years. We are going through a seperation and she is refusing to return unless I move back into the family home. I am considering applying for sonīs return through the Hague Convention. Heīs in school and having looked through the legal documentation this seems a cut and dry case, but I am very concerned about the interpretation of the law in Poland in favour of my wife.


From Derek / Posted: 05/05/2011
Hi, my daughter was taken to the uk on me where I had a successful case and got the voluntary return of my daughter. I have since allowed her to be schooled in the uk as my fears for her mothers health and well being. I can assure you that the polish autorities have no option but to follow the hague convention guidelines and no favourtism will or would be taken as I saw with the uk authourities in my case. If your case is as cut and dry as you say you will get the return of your son. Good look and good on you for fighting for your son.
From Anthony / Posted: 08/05/2011
My partner and I are currently experiencing the Hague and Poland. My experience is Poland will want to protect itīs citizens as would any other country. Your first hearing will be an attempt to switch law from International to Polish. You must not waver. Key to your case in Poland is evidence, evidence and evidence. Everything must be translated by officially recognised translators. Once you have established by evidence you are genuine and by your actions you are thinking only of your child, you will be treated with the respect you deserve.
From Stephen / Posted: 13/06/2011
Anthony - Thanks for the incite and your experience with the Polish Courts. I would like more communications with you if possible. My two sons were abducted to Poland by their Mother just over 2-years ago. I had sole Custody of my sons as they had lived with me full time since 2007 and were abducted by their mother and her father during a court ordered weekend access visit. Her parental rights had been terminated by the Canadian Courts due to my sons apprehension by the Courts due to metal and physical abuse of my sons. They were abducted during the weekend from Canada into the United States then to Germany on March 8, 2009 with the use of their motherīs Canceled / Revoked Canadian Passport, which was confirmed canceled by the Canadian Government 42-days prior to my sons abduction. This is one of Canadaīs worst International Child abductions. Their Grandfather has been arrested and charged here in Canada and we are in the middle of his Criminal Trial here in Canada. My sons are STILL Missing somewhere in Europe and most likely in Poland. Interpol Red Notice has been issued by Canada for my ex wife. Hague has been filed and also Polish Courts have issued a Poland-wide search for my sons. Learning more of your experience would be helpful. Thanks for making contact with me.
From APAP / Posted: 04/01/2012
My 2 daughters aged 6 have been abducted by their mother from the UK without my consent and taken to Warsaw Poland. Lawyers have advised that I need a declaration of "Wrongful Removal" from the High Court in London. Then this has to be presented to the International Child Abduction Unit for application to a Polish Court. Has anyone had to take such action before? If so how did it play out. I and a dad and the girls where living with me and their mother under the same roof (my home).
From dharmesh / Posted: 26/01/2012
I hope for peace to all of you, I really feel for you all. Peace and love. Stay strong.
From Bronse89 / Posted: 15/04/2018
My daughter was wrongfully retained in Poland by my wife. I am her guardian and she is habitually resident in Ireland. I applied for Hague convention for parental child abduction case. I applied for free legal aid here in Ireland.From all your experiences how does the free legal aid helps in returning the child to her habitual resident? Thank you.

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