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dilemma - ex wants to take daughter to Jordan for holiday

by Clare / Posted 28/05/2011 / Updated 15/06/2011

I would welcome any advice. My soon to be ex husband wants to take our daughter on holiday to Amman, Jordan. We live in the uk, but he has family and property there, both he and our daughter have dual uk and Jordanian nationality. I said no, but he is insisting. My fear is that if he goes he will not return our daughter at the end of the holiday. Does anyone know what the consequences would be for him? is it a criminal offense, or could he do this and face no consequences, and our daughter will have lost her home and mother.Is there anything I can do to stop him - he tells me he will take me to court over this.


From fiona / Posted: 02/06/2011
I would seek immediate legal advice on this from a UK lawyer. Donīt let him bully you emotionally or legally. Good luck!
From Norma / Posted: 05/06/2011
If he takes her to Jordan, he can keep her there and you have almost no chance of getting her back or saving her from a forced marriage in years to come. Get legal advice and a prohibited steps order. Believe me,I know!
From seraphic / Posted: 07/06/2011
You need to provide more info before anyone can offer you advice......what is the residency situation?..... is the uk your daughters habitual residence?..... do you know if Jordan is a member of the Hague Convention?...... has your estranged husband ever threatened abduction? or do you have a real fear that he may abduct your daughter?.

There are so many questions to consider but if you have a genuine fear of your daughter not being returned with genuine reasons then you must act now before it may be too late.

It will be necessary to employ the services of a Family Solicitor who may suggest a ´Prohibitive Steps´ order (ex parte) and have your ex and daughters passports held by the Court, this will prevent unlawfull removal. You should endeavour to arrange a mirror court order with the Jordanian Authorities that in the event of non return of your daughter after a holiday she can legally be returned. Be aware that in some extreme situations, any kind of court order could always be ignored and your ex could very easily disappear.

Whatever your circumstances i urge both you and your ex to be reasonable,fair, rational, honest, sincere, and consider the implications and explain to eachother what worries you both, but most important of all remember that your child asked for no part in your problems and should not be a victim of them either. She is entitled to the love and care of both parents whatever you may think of eachother. Good luck!.
From Sara / Posted: 11/06/2011
I urge you to google the name Josephine Bromley - she is a British Mum who had her 2 girls abducted to Jordan by their Father and has not been able to get them back. I dotn think Jordan is signed to the hague convention either so if your Husband took your child for a holiday and kept her there you would struggle to get the courts on your side.

My opinion is small children need their Mummies and to take the risk that you could lose out on growing years is too big a risk to take.

I also think your husbands threats of court may be hot air - does he know how long it could drag out and how much it will cost him?

Let us know how you get on and dont feel alone.
From Cinders / Posted: 11/06/2011
I wouldnīt allow him and contact the passport office asap to have a caveat put on your childīs passport, which would ensure no one could take her out of the country without your consent. To remove a child without both parentīs consent is illegal.
From Alyssa / Posted: 15/06/2011
Let him take you to court if need be. Jordan is an Islamic state and operates under Sharia law. Add to the fact that Jordan is not a signatory of the Hague Convention- if youīre husband refuses to return your daughter, factually there isnīt really anything you can do about it.

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