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fear of possible abduction, how does the process work

by jones / Posted 08/07/2011 / Updated 13/08/2011

Need some advice pls.

My soon to be divorced (not yet started the process) ex wife took our 7 months child to her country (Lithuania) for a holiday. From the beginning she was and used to provide updates on my son and had no adverse reason to be concerned about the byís welfare.

She has stopped providing updates on my son and does not pick up her phone or respond to email/text messages any longer.

I do fear the abduction of the child among many reasons; she has no real roots in the UK (no family members), and might not return as all her family are back in Lithuania.

I donít want to be making any accusations or I also donít want to be stupid by not taking the necessary actions before itís really too late.

I am not doing this out of spite but most things that she does and has done with relation to the positive promotion of a relationship between our child and myself does feel spiteful ever since my child was born.

What is the procedure on reporting Ďpossibleí child abduction via the UK authorities?

I donít know how my child is, donít know if she plans to bring my child back, really, even though I though I knew, now I doubt this.

I really am confused and donít know what route to take, report or play stupid, obviously I still care for her personally in a way and donít want to bring the police/courts into this but the child is still not a tool to be used for her own wars, which it feels like.

All I want is to keep me updated on the welfare of my child but she obviously has now choose not to, I did not feel the need to have any preventative court orders made on behalf of the child before she left but now I feel silly for not doing that.

She told me she is due to return in August but never asked any documentation (return tickets) of this as she was being secretive, secretive in general since the separation, did not want to act as if I was trying to get into her business or controlling her by asking to many questions.

She is Lithuanian and my child was born he and has a British Passport, I am non British but legal.

Is it paranoia? Once I make a police statement to this effect that would be that, I have no other alternatives to contact this women or anybody to find out about my son.


From Rebecca / Posted: 13/08/2011
Firstly, you can contact your local police and raise concerns for your estranged wife and your child on the basis that you have not heard from her for whatever period of time and that this is out of character. If you know whereabouts in Lithuania your wifeīs family are from the UK police can make contact with Interpol to conduct enquiries overseas to establish whether they are safe and well. This rules out any accidents/foul play. If it is established that they are safe and well then you can contact a solicitor with Hague Convention experience (a list of whom are on this website) and instigate the Hague Convention under Unlawful Retention. The fact that you were aware that your wife was taking the child abroad and you were satisfied with the updates etc rules out parental child abduction; however, you did not agree for the child to leave the UK for good but only for a holiday. As we are still in August and she was due to return at some point this month then solicitors may wish for the month to pass in full before commencing any proceedings, but the police should act on your concerns straight away.

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