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Fear of abduction to nigeria

by shannon / Posted 07/08/2011 / Updated 27/02/2013

Hello, i am desperate for advice as my ex who is from nigeria suddenly started demanding to take my 3yr old son out of the house, at the same time he had quit his job and his flat and was displaying all the worrying signs of someone who was preparing to abduct a child. i took the matter to court and got a residence and prohibited steps oreder preventing hime form taking her out of the country. however, i´m still really worried that this is not enough to protect him as my ex is from nigeria and is easily able to obtain false passports. we are going back to court soon to discuss contact. He has committed a fraudulent act against me before so i know he is untrustworthy. what should i do if unsupervised contact is given? I fear the orders will not prevent him from taking him out of the country.


From Rebecca / Posted: 13/08/2011
This is hard to find a balance here but I would always say "trust your gut instinct". If your ex has another country to go to where he can make a home for himself, has no home or work commitments in this country, therefore, no stability then I would be concerned too. Does your residency order give him contact at all? If not, then you can stop him seeing your son and he would have to apply to the court for access. If there is a contact order in place for him then contact your local Children´s Services dept (Social Services) and explain your fears and ask for supervised contact only. If it is refused and a court order does allow unsupervised contact then I´m afraid you are left in limbo, and if your child is taken out of this country a court with egg on its face and you being able to say "I told you so" is no comfort at all.
Doing everything legally cannot guarantee that a parent will not take a child overseas and as Nigeria is not a country where the Hague Convention applies you would find it very hard to get your son back. Take no chances.
From emily / Posted: 29/09/2011
hi shannon, i´m in the same boat and absolutely terrified. i have a residency order and an injunction and cafcass are about to make their report. i´ve said i am happy with a supervised contact order, as long as it´s till my son is 18. passports don´t come into it with such devious and manipulative people. i am so worried there´ll be no common sense and it´ll put our son in this terrible position of risk. it seems he can lie as much as he likes and they just lap it up even when he´d proved to be lying.
From shannon / Posted: 22/01/2012
hi emily, my ex was successful in manipulating cafcass into thinking he was not a threat to my child. the report said that he actually started crying during themeeting. he has been granted unsupervuised access and has now said that he wants to take my son on holiday. i am sick with worry. what can i do to stop this?

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