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Egyptian passport

by Eileen / Posted 22/07/2008 / Updated 19/09/2014

Hi can anyone tell me if it is possible for my daughters boyfriend to obtain an egyptian passport for our grandson without his mothers permission?


From Lord Protector / Posted: 23/07/2008
Is your daughter British? Does her boyfriend have parental responsibility?
Egypt, being an Islamic country gives fathers rights over mothers. I donīt know if the motherīs permission is need to obtain a passport.
Your daughter should (quickly) obtain a British passport for the baby and then I believe she as mother is pretty much untouchable. The boyfriend will run up against the UK system which will stop him in his tracks and prevent him from taking the baby away. There are enough things to stop him - court orders, all ports warnings etc but it will only work if the baby is British (which he will be automatically anyway by virtue of being his motherīs son if sheīs British). Get her to move quickly. If you can afford, it, get the passport issued on the one day. Quite a hefty sum to pay but it will allow for VERY quick movement to protect the baby. I would personally move now and be early on an issue and suffer some temporary embarassment than be late and suffer forever for that.

I wish you all well and I hope some amicable solution can be sought so your grandson may grow up having access to both mum and dad.
From shereen / Posted: 11/08/2008
Dear Elien,

My father is Egyptian my mother British. Yes he can get an egyptian passport issued whether or not the child already has a UK passport is of no issue. He will definately do it. I would advise yoru daughter if shes in doubt not to go on any holidays to Egypt. I was taken on hot 18 to egypt I spent the next 9 years fighting to get out as did my mother and sister - If u would like any further advise pls ask reunite for my email add.
From S / Posted: 04/10/2008
Yes the boyfriend can easily get not just an Egyptian passport for the baby but also a Egyptian birth certificate will then leads to an Egyptian citizenship|! (It happened to my children) He does not need any papers from the UK or from the birth mother because money talks in Egypt! Follow Shereens advise and never leave the baby in his care or any of his friends or relatives! Its amazing how all babies look alike on passports!!
From Dani / Posted: 09/08/2009
My Ex easily got hold of false birth certificates in Egypt for both our girls so they could get an Egyptian Passport. Its easily done and no questions asked.
From Loulou / Posted: 14/08/2009
By law (Egyptian law), any child born to an Egyptian father is considered Egyptian child, so as far as egypt is concerned, the baby is egyptian
From doaa / Posted: 07/04/2010
i need advise about travelling to Egypt with my child has Egyptian and British nationality, iam afraid that my Egyptian Ex husband will stop him from travelling back to the UK
From Hanan / Posted: 06/11/2013
Hello. I have a mauritanian passport and it expires very soon, which means I canīt travel. My father is Egyptian so Iīm gonna process an Egyptian passport. My question is can my father process it on my behalf? I canīt be present for I have no passport at the time being..
From christine / Posted: 25/04/2014
Hi, I was born in the uk, have a british birth certificate and a british driving lience. My father is egyptian and my mother is english, does this mean I´m a british citizen or not?

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