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This forum offers parents the opportunity to voice their own experiences of international parental child abduction, and related issues, and to share useful information with others in a similar situation.

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by susan / Posted 15/10/2011 / Updated 20/01/2014

Has anyoe been successful on application to relocate out of Italy?
Can a Hague Convention Return Order ever be revoked?


From P / Posted: 10/12/2011
I´m currently involved in a nasty ongoing custody battle in Italy. I applied to relocate to the UK but it was denied, I´m now appealing the decision and will be back in court again at the end of the month. I´m in a nightmare situation in italy, my ex-partner was violent with me and I have an order of protection against him, but the juvenile court seems to be turning a blind eye to this and offering no child protection for our son who is only 16 months old. The father hasn´t seen our son for nearly 4 months (he´s keeping me in italy to punish me) If the appeal goes against me then I´ll be tempted to test the hague Convention. Have you also applied for permission to leave? Have you also been discrminate din the Italian courts?
From susan / Posted: 15/01/2012
Have recently heard that the current trend in the court in Milan is to refuse all applications to relocate. Does anyone have any experience of this or any advice for me?
From susan / Posted: 22/01/2012
Does anyone have any experience of being sent back under Hague Convention, where the abusive ex-partner has breached the undertakings which were never enforced by the Central Authority? In particular any Italian experience?

Thanks and good luck to everyone with their personal struggle.
From gc / Posted: 17/06/2012
I think the international advice is do not leave without court permission...especially cos your child is so young. Older children may have a say in which parent they want to live with. Keep pushing for change of jurisdiction in court.
From suzanne / Posted: 17/02/2013
Yes,i have ´extensive´ (but unfortunately all negative)experience of northern italy´s juvenile court´s treatment of foreign mothers wanting or rather needing (due to abuse) 2return to the uk....just tobtouch on it, my advice is not to attempt to ´test´ the hague convention as it seems italy is always more than likely to ´punish´ you 4 abduction by giving the custody of a child/children to the italisn father....this has happened in no less than 3 cases i know....i personakly can tell u what my experiences have been.after years of abuse ,still to some extent 2day,with unstability fir my 2 sons.
From Lucy / Posted: 18/07/2013
Hello, I fled an abusive relationship in Italy 10 months ago. My ex partner has visited us in the Uk twice. He has asked us to come back and although I have never said that we will, he seems to think we will be coming back ( he is delusional, part of his disorder). I keep him sweet on advice of lawyer in Uk. They say that once the year is up and he hasnt taken any action, I will be out of the woods. Is this true in your experience, anyone out there who has stayed away longer than a year without any trouble from father? I dont know how long I can keep being nice to this person...
From Neil Humphrey / Posted: 20/01/2014
This site is increasingly about selfish mothers who want to abduct, denying the father access. The original purpose was to recover children taken abroad, not provide advice for abductors. A child needs both parents. Why don´t you mediate access and stay?

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