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Boy abducted and taken to Holland

by ? / Posted 23/07/2008 / Updated 24/12/2009

Hi, my boy was abducted some 114 days ago and taken by his mother to Holland. He was 7 months old. I just wanted to share the experience that I am going through in the hope that maybe there are other people with similar experiences to share - I dont know maybe it may help to hear from others and lessen the burden on my heart. I used to hear of stories in the press and media about missing children, or children having been abducted - but it is not the same until it happens to you - and then your world stops! My eating, drinking, standing, sitting and sleeping - its a whole new meaning - i feel sick on the edge of throwing up but it does not happen - knowing that my wife and child are alive somewhere but not knowing where they are - the only contact is via email and that is drip fed periodically after some 2 week intervals. The phone calls - oh yes - i got 2 after 100 plus days asking for me to close the case - this call was after she had received the letter from the authorities asking for her voluntary return. Close the case and you can see your boy - is this really happening - this is blackmail! I say to anyone out there who has their child removed - dont waste a minute in reporting all and everything to whoever - whether its the police, or the child abduction unit. I find that this wastage of time has cost me - this emotional blindness - this feeling that all will turn out right. No the time any person takes away your child without your permission then they have wronged not only you but your child and that person who carries out this criminal act must be brought to justice. I am absolutely sickened to find this happening to me - I did not know this was a situation that could happen for law abiding citizens of the european west - well how wrong was I. I think that there is a need for education and somehow made concrete at the time of registering the child - that child abduction will not be tolerated and is a serious offence. Ignorance of the law should not be allowed as compassionate grounds or any other for that matter - the only way to stop this illegal activity is to come down heavy on the perpetrators - of course this will not happen as we are talking of families and human rights etc. What a messy place the world is and has become - is it going to get any better?

A loving and caring father who has not seen his boy for the past 114 days and counting.


From naeema / Posted: 25/07/2008
I hope it does get better and you do get justice and whatever is best for your son prevails. But you have to keep fighting and you are right when it happens to you it is different because you feel the pain and grief. You have to keep going and be strong but I know it is easier said than done. I think it happens in all parts of the world and at least in Europe we have laws that allow us to seek justice. I wish you all the best.

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