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Spanish Courts

by Father 1 / Posted 30/10/2011 / Updated 26/02/2017

Is anyone able to advise me?
I have a long story but very briefly I married a Spanish woman we had a baby together,we lived in UK but she wanted to return to Spain with our child so that she could live with her lover I foolishly allowed it to happen as she promised me full access to our young child,which did not happen.
She then divorced me.
Now after two years the court has granted me full access to my child.
The child loves me but has been manipulated badly by her mother the child is afraid for no reason to come with me her father.
We meet through a family meeting point run by social services.Once a month for one hour but now my child and I are supposed to have wekends together but my ex is prventing this by saying the child does not want to go with me.
Now also I have a summons to attend a Spanish court regarding the ´´none´´ payment of maintenance.
I do infact pay but not to the amount the court says (which was twise more than UK csa)I also have going to Spain to see my child every six weeks for the last two years almost ,so I simply do not have any money spare .
I am concerned that I can not attend the court because I do not have the money and also family circumstances prevent it.
They have threatened a fine but I hope that this can not be imposed upon me from Spain ,can any one advise?
Also will I be arrested if I arrive in Spain one month after the court hearing about the maintenance when I go to see my child?
If this is the case then thye mother has finally won the battle as I will not dare go .


From Carl / Posted: 17/02/2012
Hi there

I just spotted your post regarding the sad situation with your Spanish ex-wife. I too have a "loca" that has caused me 14 years of grief! I have been through many years of SPanish court processes so may be able to help. The positive is that I have visiting rights guaranteed by the court and he spends xmas easter and summer here and SHOULD be moving here in the summer (although I a just waiting for her to try to stop this now)!

I can tell you that SHE HAS NOT WON BY A LONG SHOT!!! Be assured you CAN improve things and it will get better.

Get in touch and I will answer any specific questions with what experience I have.

All the best

From angie / Posted: 26/02/2017
Hi there,
I am a desperate mum needing help in a similar situation with my daughter (9) being in Spain and I am just debating using the Hague.
Any help and advice would be really appreciated.

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