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16 year old wants to come live with us in greece

by Bubbles01 / Posted 22/11/2011 / Updated 24/11/2011

My 16 year old son wants to come and live with me. After 13 years of no contact whatsoever, his mother changing his name, changing addresses, telling him I was dead, we finally got in contact just after his 16th birthday. he now wants to come and live with me, he is talking about just leaving, or alternatively leaving and then me advising his mother that I have him via my solicitor in the UK. I am UK citizen but live in Greece. I am concerned that even though he is 16 and this is what he wants I can be arrested for abducting him. There is was no residency order put in place when we divorced, and currently he is in Spain where he has been for the last 3 months. He is working there illegally, with his mothers consent, and I was not informed that he was leaving the UK. All this is before we get to the the mental and physical abuse he has suffered for the last 5 years since he found out I was alive from my side of the family. He returns to the UK in the New Year and we are planning to fly him over here then. Do I need a solicitor or is the fact that if he ran away from home at 16 the police would not force him back enough? Help?


From Rebecca / Posted: 24/11/2011
If your son is 16 he can choose to leave home if he wishes and he cannot be forced to return. He may just be desperate to see you and not really want to ´come and live´ with you but just have the opportunity to spend some time with you. Make it clear to him that he is welcome to come over and can stay as long as he wants and that he has the freedom to choose if he wants to stay or leave. He may have difficulty getting a flight by himself as he will be classed as an ´unaccompanied minor´ on a plane until he is 18 so you will need to check which airlines would let him travel without an adult. Due to his age him coming to you cannot be classed as abduction. You do not need a solicitor but I do think it would be best to ask your son to let his mum know where he has gone and not to just leave as she may worry something more sinister has happened to him and be very worried.

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