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Little boy abducted.

by JonBoy / Posted 23/11/2011 / Updated 02/02/2012

Hello all. I wish everyone strength in locating and being back with their children.

I have recently lost my little boy, he was only 3 months old when my ex left the house and never came back.

The high court are trying to find my son in England but it looks like there has been a dead end at a PO box. My ex is German, and my Little son was born in Germany, we came back to our joint house in England when he was 1 month old. He has a German Birth certificate and also German passport. I am on his birth citificate as his father but that only holds water in England as me having Parental responsibility.. in Germany i have nothing, i think there is going to be problems with his habitual residence and i think the HC will not work.

has anyone got any advice for me. Iīm very lost. my ex has gone into hiding, if the high court of England canīt find her, i have no chance in Germany.

so so lost. i love my little man very much and have a lot to offer him. :((

love to you all. and thanks for your time reading this.


From Sicky / Posted: 13/12/2011
I really feel for you JonBoy.. My 1 year old has been taken to New Zealand & I am trying to get him back via HC application. Stay strong Brother.. Good Luck
From Cammie / Posted: 10/01/2012
Dear JonBoy,

My heart goes out to you! From what I read you were living in the UK? I donīt have a solution unfortunately, but I can tell you that my son was born in Belgium, has a belgian passport and I came back to the UK when he was six weeks old after a family visit (and birth) there. When he was subsequently abducted to Belgium, those things were in the Court of Appeal NOT adversely taken into consideration. Donīt lose heart, you do have rights. Somehow, it also mattered very much whether we as parents were married. That augmented each parentīs rights dramatically.

I wish I could be of more help. I invoked the HC successfully. Contact the DCA immediately. They have specialists for every country. Without them I could never even have started the big fight.

Never lose hope and remember your rights! Your little man is in Germany, so you do have everything there. Iīll be following your progress and am rooting for you.
From dharmesh / Posted: 26/01/2012
Jonboy, I am so sorry for you, but you are not alone. I feel the same as you and cannot offer any words of hope. Stay strong and keep believeing that when he is older, some day he will come looking for you
From june / Posted: 02/02/2012
I have lost my first grandchild, the mother has taken her to La Reunion which is in the Indian ocean and ruled by France. we have been to Luxenburg and been in front of Lord Justice Thorpe. I have no advice for you, I have seen my sonīs (who meens the world to me,) world ruined. all he thinks about is his daughter me too and we are 2 1/2 years on. I know all women are not the same but she is pure evil. Now i would like to hear from anyone who has gone through this to tell us how to cope, as our courts of justice are really no justice, thankyou to reunite for all your help. sorry for rambleing im in angry mode tonight

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