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Husband kicked me to the streets

by Tracy / Posted 10/01/2012 / Updated 23/08/2013

Im English married to an American Muslim living in Florida . My ex husband I filed divorce papers on in Febuary after years of financial and emotional abuse said if I divorce him I divorce my children. Im not Muslim im christian . Im devastated after returning home one day he told me to live on the streets or with friends my children are in a horrid situation and i havent seen them since august . I have no money living with friends and NO one can help me. I believe his new girlfriend is in the house which is his and he forced me to sign papers for him to receive everything. hes powerful. ex sportsman top motivational speaker. I have so much to tell the world about him I recently tried to commit suicide because I miss my children so much I feel lost here in the states his ex wife in the UK has a history of trying to harm herself when married to him. Hes one of the most evilish people . Makes money in the states and the UK. I need help I called the consulate in Orlando but all the attorneys need money. I miss my children so much we have joint custody and I missed my daughters ninth birthday and my other daughters 16th birthday I just dont know what to do. He destroyed most of my items precious childhood memories. all I have is a few clothes. A mess and he preaches motivation. PLEASE HELP ME THIS IS MY LAST RESORT.


From Phil / Posted: 05/05/2012
Go to a charity such as Red Cross and explain things.
From tracy / Posted: 04/06/2012
going through a similar thing. My name is Tracy also and I just got back to Florida with my son. Friends are helping me get by. Would like to chat with you more.
From gc / Posted: 17/06/2012
the same happened to ex threw away my mums ashes. Pls stay strong. You are not alone.
From Naeema / Posted: 18/07/2012
Tracy have you contacted Reunite. Dont give up hope and there must be somebody that can help I dont know the US system. Your daughter who is 16 does she attend school can you not ask school to let you see them. Dont give up hope believe that one day justice will happen. My cousin lost two of her children she cannot have any contact too its hard but you must believe that one day your kids will be able to see you All the best Tracy
From Dominique Saunders / Posted: 05/08/2012
Are you still in this situation?

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