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My British friend wants to bring her children home to UK

by K. Ever / Posted 11/01/2012 / Updated 06/11/2012

She has been living in Turkey with her Turkish husband for the last 6 months, the children are his. They have Turkish id cards, but were born in Britain. The relationship is abusive, she is kept a virtual prisoner in her home. She is coming back to UK for a holiday in a few weeks and doesn´t want to go back. Is she allowed to do this without telling him? She is stranded with no way o reaching the airport if he doesn´t take her as he controls all the money, and she knows he won´t let her leave if he knew she wasn´t coming back. He has been physically abusive in the past and she is scared what he will do if he finds out.


From cheryl thomson / Posted: 29/10/2012
legally no she has to have written permission by the father.if she goes ahead any way she needs to gather as much proof that she can on how abusive her husband is and that the life for her and her childre is intolerable . my daughter was in the same situation and we were told by a british lawyer she had only heard of one case were the mother was not forced back to her husband and this was because shehad proof that he had put a contract out to kill her. ido not no of any case were the mother was not forced back i am sorry to say daughter did what your fried is planning only she moved to australia and came back to ended in disater . dispite all the evidence she had it did not make any difference the children were ordered to stay in australia and we have not seen them for 18 months they are only 3 and 4 i whish her all the luck in the world .
From Lauri / Posted: 03/11/2012
Your friend can be returned to Turkey under the Hague Convention if she takes her children without their father´s consent. Please call Reunite directly for professional advice.

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